Adidas AdiPower Predator Review


Adidas' latest incarnation of the legendary Predator.

I, like every football obsessed kid in the nineties, always dreamed of wearing Adidas Predators. When I pictured myself kitted out in the blue of Everton lifting the FA Cup, or in the white of England scoring the decisive goal in a World Cup Final, I was wearing Adidas Predators. They were the dream.

With the dawn of the Premier League era came Adidas’ revolutionary boot, for the first time, here was a football boot that was more than a running shoe with studs, something that did more than stop you from slipping over. Here was a boot that, like the glitz and glamour of the Premier League, like the technology of Sky’s razzle dazzle television coverage, like the arrival of exciting foreign talents on our shores, actually enhanced the football itself.

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Review: Brazil Away Shirt 10/11 (Nike)


Brazil's away shirt for the 2010 World Cup. Click image to view full size.

The World Cup is a festival of football, but it’s also a festival of colour, and each nation’s shirts are an individual way of representing their country. In recognition of this, They Think It’s All Over… has teamed up with the brilliant to bring you a review of one of the many kits on show in South Africa this summer – Brazil’s traditional blue away shirt. To find out the history behind the kit and whether it’s worth spending your money on, head over to the Reviews section.

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Guest Blog: Five World Cup Stars Heading to the Premier League


Ignoring, for the moment, the shambles that I witnessed a few hours ago – I may write something about it, I may not, to be honest, it would more than likely just be a string of incoherent accusations and criticisms – I have a guest article for you. I was asked to write something about the English Premier League for The Flat Back Four, and with precisely nothing going on in the EPL at the moment, I clutched at a few straws and tried to connect the Premier League with the World Cup as best I could.

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Shoes 4 Souls Charity & Competition


As you guys know, They Think It’s All Over… is a charitable place and we believe in the power of football to make a difference in people’s lives – hence our support for such schemes as the Global Futbol Initiative and Football Aid. So when our friends over at SoccerPro informed us of their new campaign called ‘Shoes 4 Life‘ which works in tandem with the ‘Soles for Souls‘ charity, we were always going to get behind it.

Basically, if you become a fan of SoccerPro on Facebook and donate a pair of your shoes to the cause, you can win ‘Shoes for Life’ from SoccerPro and also have the chance to win $1000 cash. If (like me) you’re short on dry shoes (thanks Wellington weather), you can also give a cash donation or buy a Shoes for Souls T-Shirt. Basically, this is a great initiative to get people involved in charitable work – because if you give something, you could just get something back.

So do get on over to SoccerPro and do what you can.

A Worthy Cause: The Homeless World Cup

Ukraine took home the prize from the 2009 Homeless World Cup.

Ukraine took home the prize from the 2009 Homeless World Cup.

So I’ve been pretty busy of late, which unfortunately meant that I completely missed the Homeless World Cup! Played in Milan this year, the annual event harnesses football’s unique ability to bring people together and unites homeless people from around the world giving them a chance to improve their lives. This year’s Champions are Ukraine who pipped Portugal 5-4 in the Final last weekend, but (running the risk of sounding extremely corny) everyone who took part was a winner in many respects.

According to the HWC press release “77% of players involved in the Homeless World Cup experience a significant life change; no-longer using drugs and alcohol, moving into homes, jobs, education, training, repairing relationships and becoming coaches or players with semi-pro teams. 94% claim to have a renewed motivation for life.” Clearly then, this is an event that is worth our attention and support as it continues to go from strength to strength.

If you, like me, missed out on it this year though, don’t worry – you can still make a contribution. My friends over at are the exclusive online retailers for the tournament T-Shirt which features a pretty nice design and even better – all of the revenue from the shirt sales goes straight to Homeless World Cup so as to help future competitors turn their lives around. With a cause like that, I’d say it’s well worth getting yourself one.

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