Adidas AdiPower Predator Review


Adidas' latest incarnation of the legendary Predator.

I, like every football obsessed kid in the nineties, always dreamed of wearing Adidas Predators. When I pictured myself kitted out in the blue of Everton lifting the FA Cup, or in the white of England scoring the decisive goal in a World Cup Final, I was wearing Adidas Predators. They were the dream.

With the dawn of the Premier League era came Adidas’ revolutionary boot, for the first time, here was a football boot that was more than a running shoe with studs, something that did more than stop you from slipping over. Here was a boot that, like the glitz and glamour of the Premier League, like the technology of Sky’s razzle dazzle television coverage, like the arrival of exciting foreign talents on our shores, actually enhanced the football itself.

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Quickfire EPL Season Review Part 1


United ended the season in triumph.

So another Premier League season has come to a close, and it was one of the most closely contested in recent years. The quality may not have been the best – at least not at the top – but a pretty epic relegation battle has nevertheless seen three decent sides condemned to the Championship. So how will each team look back on this season? For a full account, you’d have to ask a fan of each club, but here’s a quickfire review of how I see the top ten – the bottom half follows later.

1. Manchester United (P38, W23, D11, L4, F78, A37, Pts80)
Well, a season in which you end up as champions can only really be called a success, but it will have hurt to end by being outclassed by Barca at Wembley and United weren’t as imperious as you’d expect of the leagye winners this season, so Sir Alex will know that he has a busy summer ahead of him if United are to improve and ensure they can remain on top next season.

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Premiership Review


It was an opening day to remember for Blackpool fans.

New for this season They Think It’s All Over… brings you a weekly Premiership Review to complement the traditional Predictions post. Matilda Hankinson, a fervent Bolton Wanderers and England fan (who also writes for The Offside about the Trotters) will bring you, each week, a handy summary of the weekend’s Premier League action. I will eventually get a proper post-header graphic etc built up or this but due to recent computer issues that will have to wait for now! Over to Matilda…

Saturday fixtures
Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester City
For me this was one of the tastiest fixtures of the weekend. Both teams have very good squads and great managers, so it was sure to be good. However good City looks on paper, they still don’t look much like a team on the pitch. They owe their 1 point mostly to the stunning performance of Joe Hart. Hart made 3 brilliant saves and looked confident throughout the whole match. If he gets consistent playing time I have no doubt that his name is going down in history as an amazing keeper. While City looked better in the second half, Spurs probably should have won this one. City showed that they still have a lot of work to do, and Redknapp showed that he’s not finished yet.
Result: 0-0.

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Visual Review: Everton Home Shirt 09/10 (LCS)

Everton and Le Coq Sportif together again, is it a good omen for Everton?

Everton's new home shirt, made by Le Coq Sportif.

Today I bring you my second review, after I last reviewed England’s new shirt a month or two ago. This time I bring you a visual review of Everton’s newly launched home kit for the ’09/’10 season, made by le Coq Sportif. It is just a visual review, in that it analyses only the aesthetic design of the shirt and not the fit and quality of the production, seeing as the shirt isn’t actually for sale yet. If you are a shirt retailer though, and would like a full review, get in touch and upon release we could work something out.

I must say I was initially a little horrfied upon seeing some leaked pictures of the design, but it has steadily grown on me and I think that this could end up being a very popular and succesful shirt design for Everton. Indeed, Everton and Le Coq Sportif are clearly hoping to bring back the success that they experienced together in the eighties, and the shirt is very much paying homage to the classic ‘hafnia’ design of that era.

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Review: England Home Shirt 09/10 (Umbro)


England's new shirt is the first to come under my reviewing eye.

England's new shirt is the first to come under my reviewing eye.

Today marks the launch of a new venture on They Think It’s All Over… as I try my hand at reviewing. It is an avenue I have been considering for a while and now I have finally gotten under way with a review of England’s new home shirt, thanks to a partnership with

I’m looking to continue reviews of any and all sorts of football products and merchandise, so if you manufacture or sell any type of football gear and would be interested in having an unbiased review written and published, please get in touch.

For now, please head over to the ‘Reviews’ page and have a read of my first review! Feedback and suggestions are welcomed as always, but I hope that my evaluation of the shirt is useful for some of my readers.
Thanks for reading.

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