Welcome Home, Sibbo

Goodison Park

Goodison Park: where Dave Sibson belongs.

Those Evertonians lucky enough to be attending the home game against Stoke City today may well notice that Goodision Park feels a little more complete than it has done for the past two years. That is because Dave Sibson will be attending his first match there in that time.

Dave is the type of supporter who is the lifeblood of a football club, but one of those people that the modern game sadly thinks it can do without. The club must count itself lucky that he wants to return at all after the way it turned its back on him. Truly it goes to show just how deeply Everton Football Club runs in his veins.

They Think It’s All Over… temporarily breaks hiatus to speak out against the appalling treatment of a fellow Evertonian by Everton Football Club and our justice system.

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A Man’s Game?

Donna Powell - will she lead women into management in the men's game?

Donna Powell - will she lead women into management in the men's game?

Sat absent mindedly at my computer yesterday I was vaguely scanning the stories scrolling past on my RSS Feed reader on my desktop. One went past declaring the appointment of a female manager on a temporary basis at non-league Fisher Athletic, and for some reason, I struggled to react with the kind of shock that the exclamation marks seem to imply was necessary.

Of course, upon further thought, this is quite big news, and certainly headline worthy, but I still don’t feel that it should come as a shock. After all, why on earth shouldn’t clubs appoint female managers? Yes, football has long been seen as a man’s game, and traditionally it was, but these days traditions are fading fast, and at any ground in the country you will see plenty of female fans supporting their team with just as much vigour, passion and (most importantly) knowledge, as the men.

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