Be Quiet Wayne: Claiming Sainthood just makes you a Sinner.


Wayne Rooney: clearly a hypocrite.

Wayne Rooney: clearly a hypocrite.

So on Thursday, despite the entire nation seeing him blatantly dive to win a penalty against Arsenal at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney insisted that he is an “honest player” who doesn’t deliberately try to deceive the referees to win penalties. A few days later, Rooney – this time in an England shirt – again tumbled to the ground unnecessarily, appealed to the referee and was awarded a penalty. Rooney certainly isn’t the saint he claims to be, mainly because of his own hypocrisy.

And this is what really rankles with me. While I despise players for diving in football, and I think it’s a dishonest and shameful thing to do, I fully understand why they do it. The gain from diving for a penalty is enormous, and the chances of pulling it off in today’s game are very high. It’s no surprise that players do it and we all know that it goes on. The blame for that lies with those who haven’t been forceful enough in stamping it out, but when Rooney makes such hypocritical claims, he makes himself look stupid.

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Premiership Conclusions


Premiership Conclusions
A controversial victory for Manchester United was perhaps the talking point of this weekend’s Premier League action, but there was plenty more to keep us entertained too. Chelsea strolled to victory while Liverpool struggled, Everton got off the mark and Villa continued their Jekyll & Hyde start while Bolton, Portsmouth and Blackburn remain win-less. What did you make of the weekend’s action? Here are a few of my conclusions.

1. It’s gonna’ be another controversial season.
The match between Manchester United saw one of the most shambolic refereeing performances I’ve seen for quite some time, with two penalty decisions made incorrectly, and Arsene Wenger shambolically sent from the stands – sort of. With Eduardo’s diving exploits in midweek, Rooney too will surely come under some scrutiny while Eboue was caught clearly trying to cheat the referee.

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Mike Dean: Man of the Match?

Rooney cheated, but Mike Dean is equally guilty.

Rooney cheated, but Mike Dean is equally guilty.

I spent much of my Saturday here in NZ trying to toss up whether or not I’d be getting up at 4am on Sunday morning to watch the match between Man United and Arsenal. Eventually I resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t resist watching such a mouth watering tie, especially as I felt – as I hinted in my Predictions – that Arsenal would outplay United in a cracking match. And they did.

That United came away with the points then, is a bit surprising. I was very impressed with Arsenal, they played good football (though the pressure of the occasion affected both sides at times) and played with great attacking intent. United were disappointing, and looked aimless going forward. There’s one reason and one reason only that in this match, the better side didn’t win, and that reason is called Mike Dean.

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Premiership Conclusions



Click through to read my conclusions from this weekend’s Premier League action (barring Monday’s game between Hull and Villa) which saw little change at either end, as the top teams won and the bottom teams lost.

Grabbing the headlines instead wwas Joey Barton, for all the wrong reasons as usual. And after all the recent talk of penalty decisions, one was given to Arsenal at Portsmouth that Arshavin almost seemed to turn down in a display of sportsmanship rarely seen in football these days.

Meanwhile, in the match that I watched live, Everton strolled to a win over Sunderland to take 5th place at least temporarily, but I was surprised to see how little Sunderland seemed to care about the match, given their current plight.

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