Premiership Conclusions


You might well say it’s a bit early to be drawing conclusions from this weekend’s Premier League action given that there’s still plenty of fixtures to be played tomorrow and Monday, but I think we can safely say that Saturday’s action both on and off the pitch has given us plenty to be discuss to be going on with. Plus, tomorrow is likely to be both my last day with an internet connection for some while and very busy, so there’s no time like the present.

To business at hand then and as I said yesterday, this season’s Premier League action is proving to be nigh on impossible to predict. We’ve now had two weekends full of surprise results and the established order that has developed over so many years seems to be quickly unravelling. It’s hard to know what to make of it at times but I think at least some conclusions can be cautiously made.

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The Lescott Saga: An Evertonian Solution.

What's right for Lescott, but more to the point, what's right for Everton?

What's right for Lescott, but more to the point, what's right for Everton?

With just ten days to go in the Summer transfer window for British clubs, it’s fair to expect that quite soon more and more transfers will start to fly through, as managers rush to complete their squad for the first half of the season. One transfer that has dragged on and on all Summer though is Manchester City’s protracted pursuit of Joleon Lescott from my club, Everton. David Moyes has been hugely stubborn in upholding principles and has done what every non-City fan in the country wanted him to do, in standing up to their money.

However, given that Everton had a very poor start to the season with their abject display against Arsenal, and given that Lescott was subsequently omitted from the squad for the 4-0 Europa League victory over Sigma because of what Moyes described as ‘bad attitude’, I think it may well be time to allow him to leave. I’m Lescott’s biggest fan and have praised him many times on this site, but I think in terms of what’s best for Everton, we should take the money and use it wisely. I even have some suggestions as to how it should be used…

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Fair Play: A European Adventure

Man City: taking advantage of UEFA's stupidity.

Man City: taking advantage of UEFA's stupidity.

Man City overcame AaB Aalborg on penalties yesterday after slumping to a 2-0 defeat in the second leg. The club-formerly-known as a yo-yo club and now derided for being the World’s Richest Club came very close to being Eliminated from the UEFA Cup, and indeed any travelling fans must have thought they’d blown it when Evans conceded a late penalty. But it is a wonder they are there at all, when you think about it.

Manchester City were, according to the final Premier League table, the 9th best team in English football last season. The ‘big four’ took the four Champions League places, Everton and Villa finished 5th and 6th respectively, qualifying for the UEFA Cup, and Portsmouth won the FA Cup (and finished 8th) to secure their passage in European competition. Blackburn Rovers, who finished 7th in the Premier League last season, didn’t qualify for the UEFA Cup.

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Six Reasons why Luiz Felipe Scolari will manage Manchester City

Will 'Big Phil' be City's next Skipper?

Will 'Big Phil' be City's next Skipper?

Everyone loves a bit of a conspiracy theory, so here’s one for you. After his early exit from Stamford Bridge, I reckon that Big Phil will end up at Manchester City, in an attempt to get revenge on the London club that treated him rather harshly. Credit for this theory must go to my Dad and Brother who suggested it to me the day after he was sacked, I’ve been thinking about it and it sounds very feasible.

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