Welcome Home, Sibbo

Goodison Park

Goodison Park: where Dave Sibson belongs.

Those Evertonians lucky enough to be attending the home game against Stoke City today may well notice that Goodision Park feels a little more complete than it has done for the past two years. That is because Dave Sibson will be attending his first match there in that time.

Dave is the type of supporter who is the lifeblood of a football club, but one of those people that the modern game sadly thinks it can do without. The club must count itself lucky that he wants to return at all after the way it turned its back on him. Truly it goes to show just how deeply Everton Football Club runs in his veins.

They Think It’s All Over… temporarily breaks hiatus to speak out against the appalling treatment of a fellow Evertonian by Everton Football Club and our justice system.

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Decisions, Decisions: Where does Naughton’s future lie?

Naughtons decision could be very telling of his character.

Naughton's decision could be very telling of his character.

In a statement on their official website, Everton Football Club have officially confirmed that they remain hopeful that Kyle Naughton will become the latest addition to their squad, confirming media reports that a fee for the young full back was agreed a week ago, but that he is yet to undergo a medical or to agree terms with the club. If you are to believe further media reports, this is because Tottenham Hotspur have made an attempt to hijack the bid and that the player now must decide which club he will join.

Naturally as an Everton fan who has heard only good things about Naughton and who recognises the need for more strength in depth in our squad, particularly in the right-back position, I hope that Naughton chooses to join Everton. Furthermore, while I will naturally be biased towards this conclusion, I genuinely feel that Naughton would be mistaken in joining Spurs ahead of Everton, and that a move to the Toffees would be far more beneficial for his long term development and career.

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WDKF Wednesday: A Wily Scotsman


WDKF Wednesday Topper

This week’s WDKF Wednesday sees me shift the focus of the Summer away from the transfer merry-go-round that is Real Madrid and instead focus on the activities of a more down to earth football club, and their hugely talented manager. As an Evertonian I worship David Moyes, but such loyalty aside I think it’s fair to say that he sets the perfect example for how to conduct the business of a football club in these tough financial times.

While the signings of Anton Peterlin, Femi Orenuga and Jo (on loan) perhaps may not compare to those of Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema I can honestly say that I’d rather Moyes be in control of my club than the flamboyant Florentino Perez. That may sound like a bold claim, but I reckon it’s justified, to see if you agree with me, click through and have a read.

No One to be No.1: England’s Goalkeeping Dilemma

Talk about a no-brainer...

Talk about a no-brainer...

As I’ve been watching the Confederations Cup I have, along with everyone else, been hugely impressed with the Spanish side. Aside from the obvious talent that they possess, what has really impressed me is the sheer strength in depth that they have – though given that the mercurial Mikel Arteta is yet to be capped by them that shouldn’t be such a surprise. Nothing sums up this strength in depth nor provides a starker contrast to the England national side that the position of goalkeeper.

The occupant of the number one jersey for England is one of a couple of undoubted weaknesses in the side, while Spain do not hesitate to give their goalkeeper spot of Iker Casillas, who is probably the best ‘keeper in the world at present. They also have Jose Reina as their backup ‘keeper, who despite some comedic errors in his time at Liverpool is undoubtedly a better stopper than David James, England’s current ‘number one’, and the up and coming Sergio Asenjo demonstrated his ability by saving James Milner’s penalty in the European U21 Championships recently.

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