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Update: To all followers of Aletheia FC, I apologise. My updates soon grew to be non-existant purely because I took little pleasure in documenting the every day life of my FML team. I assure you that I love playing FML, I’m hopelessy addicted and Aletheia are going strong (currently in the top 200), but I’m afraid this page has now been suspended indefinitely. I will leave it here for anyone to review if they stumble across it, but don’t expect any updates! Thanks for anyone who followed my team, you’re welcome to join us in Clough Gameworld.

Aletheia FC: Game World Clough

Aletheia FC, founded in 2008, are a Football Manager Live team, currently competing in GW Clough after beta-testing in GW Horton. Below will follow a mini-diary of their exploits as I seek to conquer the game world, and below there is the diary of my time in the beta testing worlds.

GW Clough: Pre-Season 1
Upon managing to get into the gameworld almost on time, I set about trying to snap up the targets I’d identified from the beta gameworld as potential signings. This had mixed success as many of the players had been given higher acquisition fees than I had budgeted for (based on their beta ones) or had simply become shit. I missed out on Arrieta (whose finishing had dropped from 19 to 14!) but did manage to sign Dejan Milovanovic who remains as deadly from long range and set pieces as ever, as well as Djordje Rakic, another player I had in beta. In addition I managed to sign classy Argentinian ‘keeper Sergio Romero, the brilliantly named and very talented Brazilian Alanzinho, young English defender Billy Jones and Serbian hitman Igor Pavlovic, an unknown who has finishing of 18 and a good aerial presence too. All in all I was pretty happy with my signings, but ran out of money and had to but two pointless players for pittence to confirm my squad, and reinforcements are needed sooner rather than later. (See below for full squad list). We won our first game in Clough 2-0, and the team looked set to gel nicely, but since then have been rather inconsistent, picking up some good results and at times playing shockingly and being punished. My world ranking position wasn’t helped by the fact that I was able to play very few games over the first few days (an exam, a day spent packing up my flat and then a trip over the sea home to Nelson taking up much of my time). Since then though I have begun to climb from the mid 600’s where I was languishing after playing only six games. Also, I have signed the columbian powerhouse of a center back Cristian Zapata to sure up the backling after missing out on Giampaulo Pazzini, a talented striker during the moving process. I have joined the Moonlight FA and so look forward to getting underway with competitive action soon. Hopefully I will add another new signing sooner rather than later, in time to help for a semi-successful first season, which I may then build upon.

GW Clough: Aletheia FC Squad
1st XI: Sergio Romero, Marcone, Cristian Zapata, Jonas Ivens, Billy Jones, Derley, Dejan Milovanovic, Alanzinho, Marinho, Djordje Rakic, Igor Pavlovic.
Subs: Hugo Suarez (GK), Marcin Kowalczyk, Kees Luijckx, Kevin McNaughton.
Squad ‘players’: David White, Nicky Campbell.

Aletheia FC: Beta Game World 20 – Horton

GW20: Pre-Season and Season1
Upon entering the gameworld I set about trying to put together a squad capable of challenging for honours – as did the 1999 other managers, making it quite a tough task. Being in an aeroplane when the game launched also left me with an uphill struggle, as the more well known players were snapped up before i got a look in. Still I managed to put together a squad that I though was reasonable, and I was particularly pleased with my acquisition of Andre Ayew and Dejan Milovanovic on either wing, and the experience Domenico Morfeo through the middle.
Unfortunately, while my midfield and attack, featuring the potent Sebastian Arrieta were banging in the goals, my defence resembled less a sieve and more basketball hoop. Despite the valiant efforts of promising keeper Bartosz Bialkowski, we conceded far too heavily and finished 11th in the Nighttime Football Association Qualifying League, meaning Championship football in NFA Div 1A next season. One major coup for me in the first season was the arrival of real life Brazilian and Werder Bremen star Diego, who I picked up in a wage auction, having placed what i saw as a cheeky bid and never expecting to win his signature.
Even his arrival couldn’t boost the teams spirits though, and on top of the poor league performance, we exited every cup competition in the first round, and languished at around 600th in the world rankings.

GW20: Pre-Season 2
With my attacking potency looking OK, my main focus in pre-season was to boost my defence, and by careful monitoring of players whose contracts were running out, I soon managed to sign three top draw defenders (Leon Andreasen, Milan Stepanov and Paulo Hernan Dellafiore) for small fees but with reasonable wage demands. I added to this Tim Vincken, to add cover for the injury prone Milovanovic, and Djordje Rakic, a powerful Serbian forward who I saw as the perfect foil for the predatory Arrieta. A shift toward a 4-1-2-2-1 formation, with Rakic dropping deep to win balls aerially, and I though I was ready to challenge toward promotion to the big time. Unfortunately my performance in friendlies told me otherwise, and though my new defenders were unstoppable at scoring from corners, they were also not stopping my team from conceding heavily. I therefore decided that i needed a more experienced keeper, and after releasing much dead wood left from my initial squad, was able to bring in the classy Argentian stopper Leo Franco. Suddenly the team clicked – just in time, the season began the next day.

GW20: Season 2

Aletheia FC Home Kit

Aletheia FC Home Kit

Eyeing up my opposition, I saw that most teams in my league were to be AI controlled, as their managers were inactive (probably disillusioned after poor first seasons as i had been, but less determined!). However, stiff competition was faced from Brixton Wanderers (ranked around 70-80th in the world) and AFC Ajax (around 120ish). I had risen thanks to my pre-season results rather spectacularly from the doldrums of the 700’s to be ranked about 200th in the world, and my start to the season was encouraging.
Drawing with Brixton and Ajax I remained unbeaten for about 15 games before hitting a dodgy patch that saw me lose one game and draw four to lesser opposition. In the cups I was doing OK, beating the leaders of the NFA Premiersip in a shoot-out of the NFA Cup and progressing a few rounds in the expansive Game World Cup. Unfortunately I then lost out, in the NFA Cup to my own naivety (as my AI lost narrowly when I could have played myself) and to top class opposition in the GWC.
My league form returned though, and thanks to similar slip ups by Brixton and Ajax, I was sitting atop the pile with a few points lead. The close of the season drew near, and a crunch meeting with closest rivals Ajax (who were five points behind) saw me emerge victorious, two second half goals in five minutes dividing an otherwise cagey affair. That result all but killed off Ajax’s challenge, but due to a further slip when i lost my  second game of the season to the second from bottom team, and draw another match. Brixton were in imperious form but lost out one one occasion which left me with a three point lead over them, going into the last day of the season, and the match that would surely decide the title.
We lined up with three games each to play, Aletheia FC vs. Brixton Wanderers,  the young pretenders of my team, versus his well known stars. It was an even match, I went ahead in the 25th minute only to be immediately pinned back by Joe Cole, and despite both teams going on to have spells of pressure, the game remained a stale mate. My three point lead was in tact with two games to go, but his goal difference was far superior. A win and a draw would suffice. Brixton powered through their last two games with comprehensive scorelines. We were left with the title ours to lose, and understandable nervous going into our final two games, and this took its toll, as we crashed out of the NFA Non-Premiership Cup, squandering a first leg lead to opponents we beat three times during the season.

NFA Div1A Final Table (Top)

NFA Div1A Final Table (Top). Click to view.

But a 6-0 thrashing of the team we lost to so unexpectedly earlier in the season put the nerves at rest, and while going behind in the 5th minute of the final match shook us up, the boys recovered to surge to a 3-1 victory, and the NFA Div 1A title, and promotion.

GW20: Pre-Season 3

While we are still waiting to hear whether a third season will or will not begin (the real GW’s open before the third season would end), life in Horton is still very much going on. I have brought in Paulo Ramos, mainly to provide competitive cover for young starlet Andre Ayew on the left wing. I’ve also let Alejandro Rodriguez go, he was with me from the beginning but spent much of his time on loan in recent weeks, due to him being an average defender, albeit with great passing and free-kick taking abilities. But I got well over his market value for him so that has sured up the finances a little. Playing friendlies only at the moment, but am on a ten match unbeaten streak, winning eight (inc. the last six) and drawing two. Subsequent to this good run, I have just moved up to 95th in the world rankings – my first time in the top 100! My good form continued, resulting in a series of steady climbs in the world rankings, seeing me now at 36th. I also won the friendly ‘Free For All’ competition title against some of the top teams in the word, to finish off pre-season nicely.

GW20: Season 3
The day of the big Season 3 kick off fell, unfortunately, the day before my exam, and so the first two days of the season saw no fixtures played. However, early on the third day I picked up a bit of a surprise win against top ten side Community General FC in the home leg of the first round of the Game World Cup. Well, as Season 3 got going properly for me I was struck down once again by a run of bad form that seemed to come out of nowhere and that was resistant to whatever I tried to revert it, which meant that I got off to a poor start in the league and crashed out of the Cup competitions I was in too, meeting Community General in almost every draw and growing to loathe Sebastian Alvarez who scored about four free kicks against me. I eventually managed to get a few wins under my belt but never re-created anything like the consistency of the season before and that meant that I was hovering between 60-80 in the world rankings, and occupying the lower half of the league table. The journey that was the beta testing came to a close on Monday, with Aletheia FC lying 17th in the NFA Premiership and 72nd in the world. I would have liked to have gone out on a highre note, but still, I can be proud of my acheivements. I think I must have been one of the only managers in the top 100 or so that was still regularly playing players from my initial squad (Uzoma, Martinez, Milovanovizc, Arrieta) and I had a far less start studded team than most of my equals in the ranking states (Diego and Leo Franco the only really notable players I had). So GW Horton has closed its doors forever, and I can no longer claim to be the manager of my beloved squad, but their memory and acheivments will be preserved here forever, as I prepare to make a fresh assault, and aattempt to take Aletheia FC to the top of Gameworld Clough.

Aletheia FC:  GW20 Beta Honours
– NFA Division 1A Winner (Season 2)
– Free For All Friendly Competition Winner (Pre-Season 3)
– Highest World Ranking: 32nd.

GW20: Aletheia FC Squad
1st XI: Leo Franco, Paulo Hernan Dellafiore, Leon Andreasen, Milan Stepanov, Daniel Congre, Eke Uzoma, Andre Ayew, Dejan Milovanovic, Diego, Djordje Rakic, Sebastian Arrieta.
Subs: Bartosz Bialkowski, Jarol Martinez, Elliot Omozusi, Tim Vincken, Fabio Zamblera, Thiago, Paulo Ramos, Choco.
Former Players: Domenico Morfeo (S1), Tom Adlington (S1), Adam Morrish (S1), Ben Stevens (S1), Shaun Bowden (S1), Mathieu Gomes (S1), Rafael Santa Barbara (S1), Sebastian Ribas (S1), Alejandro Rodriguez (S1&2).


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  1. Nice and clean. A bit to clean maybe. Use som pictures or videos. Success!

  2. Adam says:

    Haha, well I thought about capturing and uploading videos of some of my better Clips and stuff, but not only is the video capture software I have useless, I don’t know how gripping the 2D match engine clips would really be!
    Which Gameworld do you call home?
    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Tom says:

    As Peter said, the site is clean and well presented. I’m loving your badge btw 😛 I havn’t read many FML blogs in a while but hopefully with the release nearly upon us, there will be more created.

    If you fancy a read, chec out my site – I’m currently in GW23 but will be going to Keane.

    p.s. about the 2d match engine videos – I have a top 10 aafc goals vid on the homepage of my site…IMO it works quite well!

  4. Angela says:

    Hmm, very cognitive post.
    Is this theme good unough for the Digg?

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