Services Page HeaderThis page is where I will keep you up to date with various partnerships between my site and others, or request help! WordPress does not allow me to advertise on here per se, but if you have a site that you think would be worth my readers interest and is worthy of more than just a Link, let me know, and perhaps we could come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Mobile Phone Services
natajak-pngThanks to Natajak you can now sign up to have my blog posts sent direct to your phone. The service is completely free to use, and once you have it you can also get match reports and scores for your team and other things sent to your phone too. You just have to sign up and then download Natajak to your Internet-capable phone and you’re away, and it’s absolutely free. I’m not sure how interested you will be in the service, but I thought it was worth doing in case anyone was, so do let me know how it works out if you sign up. Click here if you are interested.

They Think It’s All Over… Guest Blogs
I have been asked to write for a couple of other sites since I started this one, which is very flattering indeed and I have accepted those offers. Here I will detail the sites that I am writing for. If you like my writing and would like me to write for your site (either regularly or as a one off) do get in touch.

We Don’t Know Football
WDKFThose of you who have perused my Links page will recognise WDKF, and I’ve long been an admirer of their work. Contrary to what the name suggests the guys over there are both very knowledgeable about the beautiful game and very funny. Apparently the admiration is mutual as they’ve asked me to join their team and so I will now be posting there weekly, on what I will call “WDKF Wednesdays”. Do head over and check the site out though, it’s fantastic.

Soccer Fan Base
Soccer Fan Base is a blog/forum set up for fans of the beautiful game around the world. Abayomi (the man in charge) asked me if I could write about my beloved Everton for them and is working on assembling a team of writers of varying allegiances to develop a site that represents the broad range of fandom in football. They also have an active forum where fans of all football can come together and discuss the beautiful game.
I will always post links to any articles I post there from this site under a ‘Guest Blog’ banner, but do have a browse of their blog/forum if you are bored sometime.

Beautiful Game
beautiful-game-logoA new website setup by some of the boys from the Yellow Fever (Wellington Phoenix’s supporters organisation) it is the base of some of their activities and promotions such as Freestyle Football and the Shooting Stars coaching programme. It also features a team of bloggers of which I am honoured to be one. I will aim to write a weekly blog concerning the ‘Nix or perhaps the A-League in general.
As usual with guest blogs I will link to them from this site, but do check out the rest of the site and other bloggers sometime, it’s well worth it. Find my blog here.

Soccer Blogs
Listed on Soccer BlogsI’m also now listed on the website Soccer Blogs, which will hopefully increase the traffic that comes through the site. If you’re in the mood for browsing, do click over to that site and you can have a good browse through a large selection of football related blogs, as it gathers together feeds from many blogs from around the world.

Blog Aggregators
I also submit this blog to the and, which are sites that automatically cycle through newly updated blogs and sites to increase readership of those sites. The idea is that visitors can simply ‘watch’ the cycle of blogs displayed and then click onto those that they are interested in. Readers who have found their way here from those sites, please bookmark my blog and check back regularly: I update daily most of the time!


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