Happy New Year!


Best wishes for 2011, from They Think It's All Over...


Merry Christmas


I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish all of the readers of this blog a very Merry Christmas. It’s been a pretty busy year for me and this place has been quiter than I’d have liked but if you’ve read anything on this site at any point then I am very appreciative. I hope that everyone has a great festive period and you all enjoy the football that’s on offer at this time of year – so long as it’s not all snowed off!

Anyway, eat lots, enjoy being with your families and have a generally great time, and I’ll see you all after Christmas with some more football talk. Merry Christmas everyone!

This is just to say…


… that there will be no Premiership Predictions this week.

I’m taking on the jetset lifestyle of a pro-footballer tomorrow (when I usually write them), flying AUCK-WGTN to play in a Cup Final and then flying back tomorrow evening. I leave very early in the morning (very early) and what time I do have, I’m saving for breakfast. I’d hoped to get them written today instead but somehow, there’s never enough time. Forgive me.

If you got the literary allusions in this post, bonus points.

Technical Difficulties


The death of my laptop was much less exciting than this...

Hello everyone, just a quick one to let you know that my laptop (i.e. my world) died this morning. That means that until I can replace it – and achieving this most likely necessitates my robbing a bank – my ability to update the site will be severely limited! I shall do my best though.

Over and out.

Showing our colours…


We here at They Think It’s All Over… are not afraid of showing our colours, and as such, the place has been temporarily decked out in England colours for the duration of the World Cup (or until when/if we’re knocked out and it depresses me to look at it). It is not quite so, uh… tasteful as our usual look I’ll admit, and the colours clash a little with the rest of the site, but fuck it – all that matters is that we’re backing Fabio and the boys in South Africa.

That said, this is not a place for English fans and English fans alone. Fans of all nations are welcome here and I hope the decor doesn’t put you off! We’ll be doing our best to cover the fortunes of as many World Cup nations as possible as the tournament runs its course, though inevtiably bias will creep in. If you want your team to feature more heavily though, weigh in with some comments, inspire us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Mainly though, how fuckin’ excited are you?! The festival of football is almost upon us… enjoy it people, we only get this once every four years… Make. The. Most. Of. It.

Shoes 4 Souls Charity & Competition


As you guys know, They Think It’s All Over… is a charitable place and we believe in the power of football to make a difference in people’s lives – hence our support for such schemes as the Global Futbol Initiative and Football Aid. So when our friends over at SoccerPro informed us of their new campaign called ‘Shoes 4 Life‘ which works in tandem with the ‘Soles for Souls‘ charity, we were always going to get behind it.

Basically, if you become a fan of SoccerPro on Facebook and donate a pair of your shoes to the cause, you can win ‘Shoes for Life’ from SoccerPro and also have the chance to win $1000 cash. If (like me) you’re short on dry shoes (thanks Wellington weather), you can also give a cash donation or buy a Shoes for Souls T-Shirt. Basically, this is a great initiative to get people involved in charitable work – because if you give something, you could just get something back.

So do get on over to SoccerPro and do what you can.

Exciting News!


Hi everyone, once again it’s been a while since I got a post up here, and once again, I come bearing excuses. Last week I officially graduated from Victoria University of Wellington and so I’m now officially an academic, so I spent a great few days with my family in Wellington. It’s also that time of year where assessments all fall on you at once and so much of my time has been devoted to writing about English Literature rather than football.

That said, I don’t think I’ve really missed much. The World Cup is still, at the time of writing, 14 days, 13 hours, 25 minutes and 15 seconds away from kicking off (yes, I have got a countdown on my desktop…) and it rather feels like we’re stuck in limbo. Pre-World Cup friendlies are still in experimental mode and the couple that I’ve seen (England vs. Mexico and Australia vs. New Zealand) have rather suffered for it. Hell, many nations still haven’t picked a final squad – how can we begin the analysis when we don’t know who exactly is gonna be there!?

However, the coming month will be a busy time in football, it’s what we look forward to for three years at a time, and as such They Think It’s All Over… is going to be rushed of its little feet, or rather, my little feet. Annoyingly, my aforementioned university has had the audacity to arrange the exam period smack bang in the middle of the greatest sporting event on earth too, which further complicates matters.

However, I will soon, happily, have some reinforcement around here, as I am delighted to announce that They Think It’s All Over… will soon have its first ever regular guest contributor. Matilda Hankinson (of The Offside (Bolton) and The World Cup (England) fame) will, as of next season, be writing a weekly Premiership Review column, and I’m delighted to have her on board. In the mean time though, she will be contributing occasional World Cup articles to her weekly slot, which will hopefully keep the place ticking over.

So please everyone, give a warm welcome to Matilda, and stay tuned for some World Cup action from They Think It’s All Over… and of course, because we’re not ones to shy away from showing our allegiance here at TTIAO, come on England!