Welcome Home, Sibbo

Goodison Park

Goodison Park: where Dave Sibson belongs.

Those Evertonians lucky enough to be attending the home game against Stoke City today may well notice that Goodision Park feels a little more complete than it has done for the past two years. That is because Dave Sibson will be attending his first match there in that time.

Dave is the type of supporter who is the lifeblood of a football club, but one of those people that the modern game sadly thinks it can do without. The club must count itself lucky that he wants to return at all after the way it turned its back on him. Truly it goes to show just how deeply Everton Football Club runs in his veins.

They Think It’s All Over… temporarily breaks hiatus to speak out against the appalling treatment of a fellow Evertonian by Everton Football Club and our justice system.

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Mixed Feelings: Farewell to Pienaar


Thank god he's gone?

So Steven Pienaar has signed for Tottenham Hotspur for £2.5 million. As an Everton fan, I’m obviously disappointed. Pienaar was voted the club’s player of the season last season (although in my opinion Leighton Baines should have just pipped him to that accolade) and in his time at the club, he has been a consistently top performer for us, but he’s also always played with great passion and commitment: to the fans, it looked like he wanted to play for the club.

Now that he’s rejected a contract offer from Everton, signed for another club, and a direct rival at that, we can be quite sure that he no longer feels that way. It’s disappointing therefore, but there are positives to it as well – even despite the transfer fee, let’s face it, £2.5m is a snip for a player of his quality. Ultimately though, it could well be a plus for Everton that Pienaar has left the club – to find out, let’s look at the pros and cons.

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Merseyside Derby Preview


Mikel Arteta would love a repeat of the last derby...

It’s a big day for me. I start my new job tomorrow, my first ever ‘proper job’, I will no longer be a student, I will be entering the real world. But that’s not really why it’s a big day. Of course, that’s important, but there’s something else that happens before that. At 3am on Monday morning New Zealand time – that’s 3am on the morning I start my new job – Everton will line up against Liverpool at Anfield. That’s right; it’s Merseyside Derby Day.

And it’s a big one too, even by the scale of Merseyside Derbies. Both clubs are having poor seasons. They will line up tonight 12th and 13th in the Premier League table, level on points but Everton on top due to superior goal difference. Unfamiliar territory for both clubs in recent seasons, and so it’s not just bragging rights at stake. Both clubs need to get their seasons back on track, both will be looking to kickstart the New Year.

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Blackburn 1-0 Everton: Match Analysis


I wish I could blame that ridiculous shirt for Everton's defeat...

Well, I suppose you can always count on the opening day of the season to bring your pre-season optimism crashing down to earth can’t you? After a great pre-season Everton lost 1-0 to Blackburn today, dashing our hopes of getting off to a good start in the League for the first time in a long while. On the bright side, I suppose it’s better than last season’s 6-1 loss to Arsenal, and not as bad as Wigan, West Ham or West Brom’s starts, but with such high expectations before the match, it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Obviously, it is not the end of the world though. This was the first game of a long season and many teams will get beaten by Blackburn at Ewood Park this season. However, if Everton are to have the superb season that we need to have, and that this squad has the potential to deliver, we need to change the way we approach matches like this. We weren’t at our best today, and Blackburn defended well, but I would have liked to have seen more ambition from Moyes going into this match.

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Everton: Building a Bright Blue Future.


French starlet Magaye Gueye signs in.

With the attention of the world very much focused on South Africa and a World Cup tournament that has finally sprung to life in its latter stages, it’s been easy to forget that the Premier League transfer window is open for business. A couple of transfers have made headlines, mainly those of big-spenders Man City who have captured David Silva and Yaya Toure, but the summer’s transfer shenanigans are yet to really spark into life.

However, given that Everton outrank England in my fan-hierarchy and that England weren’t worth thinking about too much at the World Cup anyway, I’ve been watching the transfer exploits of my club very carefully indeed. There have been no headline grabbing moves, but David Moyes has been reasonably busy so far this summer and I for one am rather excited with what I’ve seen; Moyes is building a bright blue future.

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A Pink Shirt is NOT an Everton Shirt


The disgrace that is apparently the Toffees' new away shirt.

It was today confirmed on Everton’s official website that the club’s ‘revolutionary’ new away kit will be launched on the 3rd June, and given that the word “revolution” is presented in pink, it seems to confirm the long-running rumours that the Le Coq Sportif strip will again prominently feature a colour that has little or nothing to do with the club’s heritage. Whether or not the strip is indeed the supposed ‘leaked’ shirt from last week, I cannot agree with this.

While I’ll admit that pink isn’t my colour, and so I dislike the concept on a personal level too, my main issue with their insistence on producing pink away shirts for Everton Football Club is that it disregards our history and tradition purely in an attempt to make money. A clubs colours should not be trifled with so easily, we have a long tradition of blue, white and amber, and I for one hanker for a return to the good old days.

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Everton 1-1 Birmingham City: Match Reaction


Three of Everton's creators celebrate Bily's cracking goal.

As an Evertonian, if you’d offered me a 1-1 home draw with Birmingham before the season began, I’d have been more than a little disappointing. That’s meant with no disrespect for Birmingham, it just goes to show how quickly things can change in football and actually, given the circumstances, a home draw with Birmingham (who were, let’s not forget, the form team in the league going into this game, should not be too much of a disappointment.

That’s what I felt when I rolled bleary-eyed out of bed at 6.55am this morning and checked the score at least. But then, an hour and fifty-five minutes later having watched the delayed coverage of the match, I was beginning to feel disappointed again. Watching the game you’d have sworn, had you not known otherwise, that Everton were the form team and that Birmingham were struggling. We completely dominated them and to only get a point is a bit hard to take. But I think we’re right to be not too disappointed.

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