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Are you sick of seeing players surrounding the referee and screaming abuse at them? So am I…
I fully accept and understand that players get passionate and frustrated when giving their all for their team, but shouting at the referee will only do more harm than good and it sets a terrible example for those who look up to footballers as role models.

Are you sick of poor refereeing and bias towards the bigger clubs? So am I…
Nobody is perfect and referees are no exception, and they have a really hard job. They get one look at an incident in real time and have to make the decision on the spot. However, at times every football fan has pulled their hair out wondering just why a decision was made. All we want is a simple justification of the call that legitimates the decision. We ask not for perfection, but simple consistency.

Are you sick of goal line technology and all the other failed methods of improving refereeing standards? So am I…
TV replays will slow down football, and for that reason, they will never be introduced. If they were a good idea they’d have been brought in years ago when it was first mentioned. And all those trials they’ve done with microchips and extra officials are just unnecessary. All we need is to be able to connect with the officials, to see that they’re human after all, and that they aren’t trying to cheat us out of three points…

Well, there IS a cure for your sickness: Mic the referees!
If you give referees microphones and wire them into TV commentary, all the above problems are solved. The players can no longer scream and shout for fear of their image and sponsorship deals being withdrawn, and when a contentious decision is given, we can hear, in the heat of the moment and straight from the horses mouth the justification for the decision. Best of all, it is incredibly simple to introduce, won’t slow up or complicate the game and is used successfully in other sports!

Welcome to the They Think It’s All Over… campaign to improve refereeing.
I’ve been ranting on about referees for years now, and I’ve decided that it’s time we took action. FIFA have been bumbling around doing very little forever, yet it seems to me that there is a simple solution ready and waiting to be put into action. What spurred this campaign into life was the 2009 Champions League Semi-Final 2nd leg between Chelsea and Barcelona, in which both teams suffered at the hands of an incompetent referee and the players reacted badly. As a result, the game, which was great, was ruined, and it hit me that football is sinking lower and lower beneath controversy after controversy.

Plan of action…
Well this is all just kicking off, but over the next few months and years, I want to try and raise awareness in interest amongst the football community about the possibility and plausibility of introducing microphones to refereeing. I have no concrete plan on how I will achieve this yet, but here’s a few ideas:
•  Get the word out there at fan level, via other football blogs and websites, supporters groups etc.
• Appeal to the wider media, get as many people as possible on board and create some publicity.
• Create an online petition, and try and get as many people supporting it as possible.
• Create a range of recognisable and eye-catching banners & buttons to infiltrate the world wide web.

Want to help?
I’m just a one man band here at the moment, but it’s amazing how fast word can spread. I’d love to have some input on this from any other football fans who care about the future of the game. Feel free to:
• Get in touch, leave a comment, let me know how you feel about the campaign…
do you agree that microphones will help?
are there any downsides that I haven’t considered?
have you any suggestions for publicising the campaign?
• If you have your own space on the web, please spread the word about the campaign, let your readers know, and direct them here. Anyone linking here, let me know and I will add you to a ‘Supporters’ list to the bottom of this page.
• Anyone with connections pretty much anywhere that could make a difference in this campaign, please get in touch!
• Anyone fancies designing some banners and buttons that people can display to show support, please also get in touch!
• Any other suggestions about how we can proceed are welcome!

Thanks for reading, please show your support by leaving a comment on this page!


4 Responses to Campaign!

  1. sportologist says:

    absolutely right!

  2. […] you agree with me here, and want to see referees fitted with microphones, please click through to my website where I’ve set up a campaign to that end. It features further, more precise arguments for […]

  3. James says:

    Agree with you on almost all of that apart from Goal Line Technology. After yesterdays incident its clear something needs to be done. On this occasion it didn’t change the outcome of the match, but the technology is there and someone else checking a replay surely woudnlt take more than 10 seconds and then can relay the info the referee.

  4. Matilda says:

    Adam you’re brilliant! I’ve never thought of this but it would make a difference, it would actually hold refs accountable for their decisions. Wonderful. Anyway you should make a Facebook group about it and then start an online petition to send to FIFA, stick a link on the Facebook group and let networking work it’s magic. That’s the best thing I can think of that spreads word fast and effectively.
    Good luck, and tell me if you make one and I’ll join for sure!

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