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To all of you reading this, I welcome you to my humble blog. I hope what you will find here will be stimulating, intelligent and occasionally witty discussion on the wide and varying topics that football throws our way.

About the Author
Adam Howard is a twenty-one year old student, studying English Literature at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Born and raised in a football mad household in England, he was an Everton season ticket holder from the age of five until he moved to NZ in July 2005, and has played football for as long as he can remember (literally). He has only vague ambitions of what his degree will go towards, but would certainly enjoy being a football writer/journalist, hence this blog and its subject.

About the Site
So there are four main focuses of this blog, setup as follows:
1) To blog daily about the general goings on in the football world, see Home page.
2) To write in depth about various aspects of Everton Football Club. Articles will be posted on the Everton FC page, but I will also post a blog introducing them on the Home page.
3) To write in depth about various aspects of Wellington Phoenix Football Club. Articles will be posted on the Wellington Phoenix page, but I will also post a blog introducing them on the Home page.
4) To provide unbiased and honest reviews regarding all manner of football merchandising and products. Be it shirts, books, films, games, gear or even other websites or blogs, if you want me to review your product, please get in touch and we will work something out.

Note: Early visitors to this site may remember that I did for a while maintain a regular diary of my Football Manager live team on a page called “FML: Aletheia FC“. Unfortunately, this never really took off, it was altogether tedious and I soon stopped updating it, and it has now been retired. This page still exists and if you wish to have a read about my experiences in the beta-testing of the MMO game, click here.

I hope that whichever your main interest you will find meaningful and engaging discussion here, and will feel encouraged to give me your own opinion about any of the issues discussed.

Why blog?
The reasons for the existence of this site are multitudinous.
Firstly, I have an age old obsession with football. My earliest memory sees me kicking a ball around with my brother and my dad. I was raised by that dad as an Evertonian through and through, and sat through years of ups and downs at Goodison as I held a season ticket from the age of 5 until I was seventeen, when i moved to New Zealand, where I rise at ungodly hours of the morning to watch any match screened live. I have played football competitively for almost as long as I have followed it, I’m a reasonably talented player and am never happier than crunching into a tackle or sliding a ball through the heart of a defence, or, very rarely, smashing one into the back of the net (they’re rare, but usually spectacular).

Secondly, I like to write. I’m currently enrolled at Victoria University of Wellington where I study English Literature and Philosophy with a view to doing ‘something’ which I haven’t thought of yet, but which could well involve journalism or teaching. Either way, I like to write fiction, be it unfinished novels or short stories, and reviews of music events or releases, and now, I try my hand at football.

Thirdly, to try and combat the spatial separation I feel from the home of football, and my home country. Since moving to New Zealand and its egg-chasing obsession, I have turned to the Internet to satisfy my desire to keep up with play on the goings on in the football world. And while the news sites do their job, it is difficult to find engaging and insightful discussion, the sort I used to enjoy during Chemistry lessons at school, or when with my similarly minded mates on the weekend or in the playground. A tip of the cap here to one such site, whoateallthepies.tv, they kept me going for the past year or so but are now defunct now back online!

So in all, I have been brought up with football, it is a major part of my life, and through years of watching, playing and reading about it, I have become quite knowledgeable on the subject (at least in my own mind). But most of all football is a matter of opinion, and so I will share mine, and I hope you will privilege me with yours.


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