Showing our colours…

We here at They Think It’s All Over… are not afraid of showing our colours, and as such, the place has been temporarily decked out in England colours for the duration of the World Cup (or until when/if we’re knocked out and it depresses me to look at it). It is not quite so, uh… tasteful as our usual look I’ll admit, and the colours clash a little with the rest of the site, but fuck it – all that matters is that we’re backing Fabio and the boys in South Africa.

That said, this is not a place for English fans and English fans alone. Fans of all nations are welcome here and I hope the decor doesn’t put you off! We’ll be doing our best to cover the fortunes of as many World Cup nations as possible as the tournament runs its course, though inevtiably bias will creep in. If you want your team to feature more heavily though, weigh in with some comments, inspire us, and we’ll see what we can do!

Mainly though, how fuckin’ excited are you?! The festival of football is almost upon us… enjoy it people, we only get this once every four years… Make. The. Most. Of. It.


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