Shoes 4 Souls Charity & Competition

As you guys know, They Think It’s All Over… is a charitable place and we believe in the power of football to make a difference in people’s lives – hence our support for such schemes as the Global Futbol Initiative and Football Aid. So when our friends over at SoccerPro informed us of their new campaign called ‘Shoes 4 Life‘ which works in tandem with the ‘Soles for Souls‘ charity, we were always going to get behind it.

Basically, if you become a fan of SoccerPro on Facebook and donate a pair of your shoes to the cause, you can win ‘Shoes for Life’ from SoccerPro and also have the chance to win $1000 cash. If (like me) you’re short on dry shoes (thanks Wellington weather), you can also give a cash donation or buy a Shoes for Souls T-Shirt. Basically, this is a great initiative to get people involved in charitable work – because if you give something, you could just get something back.

So do get on over to SoccerPro and do what you can.


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