A competition, and the dangers of Mexican Waves.

A mexican wave at the Confederations Cup... surprise surprise.

Sony Ericsson have been in touch with me to let me know that they’re running a World Cup initiative known as the South African Wave. The idea is simple, basically you send in a video of you doing your own sad and lonely one-man-mexican wave and they tag them all together and create a giant online wave, and, because everything is a competition, you signify your allegiance and the team with the most fans wins the uhhh… award for the most fans with too much time on their hands? I’m not sure, but at the time of posting that dubious honour belongs to England.

The reasons, I’m telling you all this are two-fold though. Firstly, because you can actually win legitimate prizes by sending in a wave, including a trip to South Africa for the World Cup and some World Cup jerseys, and I know that everyone is a sucker for free stuff, so feel free to get yourself in the mix by clicking here. The secondary reason for this though, is to illuminate you all on why you should never ever join in a mexican wave at a football match.

I am deeply against mexican waves. Not are they the ultimate signifier of a boring match, they also send a deeper message about the nature of the fans who partake in them. Football is not entertainment. If you got to a football match you are going to support your team, which means you play an active role in their performance, by encouraging them with vocal support. If you are too busy watching a mexican wave roll around the stadium and jumping in the air like a loony, then you are not contributing, you’re an idiot on a day out.

What’s more, imagine how the players would feel when they see a mexican wave going round the stadium. At the end of the day, football is not entertainment but you are there to watch the game. If you are indulging in a mexican wave the players will know right away that your focus is not on them, and they will lose some of their motivation. That’s the last thing we want. Football fans demand absolute commitment at all times from their fans, and we have to set the example for that, by being an involved and inspiring supporter.

So if you’re at the World Cup this summer, or at any football match ever for instance, I implore you: remain obstinately in your seat when the knobheads who don’t really appreciate the beautiful game get bored and start trying to get a mexican wave going. They Think It’s All Over… looks forward to the day when instead of initiating pointless waves football fans will put such a concerted and coordinated effort into encouraging and supporting their team.

Rant over. Once more, you can enter the competition here, best of luck to anyone who enters!


One Response to A competition, and the dangers of Mexican Waves.

  1. Sam says:

    I think you underestimate those people who attend sporting events for the enjoyment of watching good football, whatever shape the ball may be. Does one have to be supporting one team over another to attend/enjoy watching footy? For these people football is entertainment. I am not suggesting that these people are a majority, nor am I suggesting that they are the instigators of the dreaded Mexican wave; I am merely suggesting that one can support, and be entertained by, football.

    I too dislike idiots throwing their hands and half-full cups of warm beer into the air at the footy.

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