Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Year! I’ve had a very quiet one, and my access to the internet is still intermittent at best so unfortunately normal service here will not be resumed just yet. It all depends on what facilities the holiday home we are camping in at the time has and as we’re flitting from place to place I may get some access in fits and starts and when i do I’ll knock up a post or two if I can.

For now though, I’m still restricted to popping to the library for half-hour stints. Still, the sun is shining and no one wants to employ me so I’m having a nice time lazing around and becoming far too good at keepy-uppy so all is not too bad. Still, I do miss writing about football and with all the action that’s been going on lately I do feel like I’m missing out. Oh well, hopefully normal service will resume sooner rather than later, until then, everyone take care.

All the best,


One Response to Update

  1. Maurice Baker says:

    Dear Adam,
    Best of luck with it.
    I had a similar situation once.
    You have to go on line to do the research.
    Then write up what you want to say off line in MSWord.
    Then go back on line to cut and paste it.
    It’s a disciplined way of working that generates focus, because you can’t waste on line time.

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