Quick Plug: GreatestPlayerEver.com

Idan Tal or James Vaughan: who's the greatest?

A quick one for my fellow Evertonians here as James Terry from greatestplayerever.com recently got in touch with me to announce the launch of a site that encourages fans to vote for their greatest ever player or team lineup via the head to head battles of randomly selected players from the clubs history. It’s obviously a bit hard to explain here but if you head over to www.greatestevertonplayer.com you’ll soon get the hang of it and it can be surprisingly addicting.

For me though, the best bit about the site (and what makes it worth the recommendation) is how many half-forgotten names it will remind you of. All those players who have played a bit-part in your beloved club’s history but wallow in the backwaters of your memory, and every time a new name comes up you get another flash of reminiscence which can make it very worthwhile. For fans of other clubs, there are versions of the site for many of you too and I do genuinely recommend it as a good way to take a stroll down memory lane.

So click here to vote for Everton’s greatest ever player…
Or here if you want to vote for a different club…


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