Back, after a short absence…

Good news everyone, it’s now been over a week since my last post (officially the longest period of inactivity in They Think It’s All Over… history) but having now finished my exams (and thus my undergrad degree), had an interview for a postgrad course, had a big weekend of football during which I saw the All Whites qualify for only their second ever World Cup Finals and now returned to Nelson for a brief respite, I can now breathe some life back into this place.

Hopefully not everyone has abandoned ship during my absence and those readers that remain will bare with me – it might take a few days to get back up to speed (I’m still trying to shake off all of the hastily learned knowledge that I crammed into my head for my exams) but sooner rather than later we should be back into the old post-per-day routine and again filling up these pages with some worthwhile writing and discussion. It’s good to be back, big thanks for anyone who waited patiently for my return!


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