Exam Tomorrow: Studying Hard (Honest!)

Shame there's not much in my fridge...

I have an exam tomorrow (wish me luck!) which I’ve actually studied reasonably hard for over the past few days (these are the final assessments of my degree after all) and although today has largely been spent perfecting the art of procrastination (see above comic strip) I would have felt incredibly guilty had I spent an hour or so of it thinking deeply and writing in depth about football rather than The Great Gatsby, Allen Ginsberg and the Beats and other stalwarts of American Literature.

As such, there’ll be no post today and it doesn’t look good for tomorrow either. I’ll write my predictions on Saturday morning as usual but next week may be a total write off as I have exams on Wednesday and Friday as well as an interview for a postgrad journalism course to prepare for on Wednesday – busy times. I will try and get something written, but I’m not making any promises: consider it a ‘winter break’. Still, do check back every now and then, and I’ll be back before you know it.

All the best everyone. Now, back to that study…


2 Responses to Exam Tomorrow: Studying Hard (Honest!)

  1. Matilda says:

    Good luck Adam!

  2. A great example…

    And this is exactly what we believed…

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