One Whole Year of They Think It’s All Over…!

Happy Birthday to Ttiao...!
It is precisely a year to the day since I sat down and wrote the first ever They Think It’s All Over… blog post, something that I think deserves a small celebration. The site that began as a casual project by a student with no previous journalistic experience has evolved into well, a fairly respected football blog written by a student who now has some journalistic experience. From a bit of fun, journalism has become my main ambition in terms of a career, and for that I have to thank you, the readers.

Without regular readers and people willing to comment and give their feedback on the content of the site, this wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it has. Writing for the sake of writing can sustain you for only so long but happily I’ve gradually built up an audience here on this site and have enjoyed immensely sharing my thoughts and ideas with you and hearing yours in turn. So thank you, as always, for visiting the site and I hope you’ll continue to allow me to indulge my passion for writing about the beautiful game.

Today’s post then, will serve as a small celebration of the history of the site so far. Normal service will resume tomorrow as I’ll look back on the weekend’s international action but for now, feel free to click through and check out the statistics that tell the story so far and remember, as I said at the beginning: They Think It’s All Over… has only just begun.

In the past 365 days, They Think It’s All Over… has had a grand total of:

  • 305 separate blog posts;
  • 64,036 hits;

I’ve used a grand total of:

  • 650 different ‘tags’;
  • 16 separate categories;
  • and created 10 different Pages (excluding ‘Home’) all of which still exist.

In terms of viewing figures, that total hits value can be split in the following ways:

  • an average of 175.4 views per day;
  • an average of 209.95 views per post;
  • one comment per every 188.3 visits to the site.

The growing readership of the site is clear for all to see in the following table:

Month & Year
October ’08
November ’08
December ’08
January ’09
February ’09
March ’09
April ’09
May ’09
June ’09
July ’09
August ’09
September ’09
~October ’09
Total Views
Average Views Per Day

Clearly then, things got off to a slow start which is doubtless partly because it takes a while to build up any sort of reputation online but also because in the early months this site made a pretty poor first impression. The addition of regular images and snazzier graphics has certainly helped increase returning viewers while my inclusion in networks like NewsNow etc. has oviously also had a large impact on my online popularity.

The busiest day in the history of They Think It’s All Over… came on Monday September 7th 2009 when a massive 3,278 people visited the site despite the fact that this was one of the days when I didn’t post, because I was travelling between Nelson and Wellington. Still, the post from the previous day proved most popular on that record breaking day: ‘Be Quiet Wayne: Claiming Sainthood just makes you a Sinner‘.

The ten most popular They Think It’s All Over… posts of all time are as follows:

Quite what these figures suggest I don’t really know. Obviously the major trend is for those posts relating to the Premier League’s major talking points naturally do well but also my Everton bias is appreciated by many an Evertonian with a few Everton themed topics making it into the top ten while it seems that the Arctic Monkeys may be a topic I should mention more often just to bump up the views.

The ten most popular searches that have led people to this site are apparently as follows:

  • premiership predictions (335 searches)
  • carlos tevez (263 searches)
  • kaka (214 searches)
  • premier league preview (88 searches)
  • calum davenport (68 searches)
  • crying lightning (64 searches)
  • they think its all over (63 searches)
  • england new kit (51 searches)
  • donna powell (47 searches)
  • zlatan ibrahimovic (46 searches)

Again, I’m unsure as to what this data really says about my blog but I’ve included it because it’s rather interesting. I’m surprised that so many vistors end up on my site after having searched for big names like Kaka, Tevez and Ibrahimovic as I thought there would be ‘bigger’ sites doing that but I’m pleased to see that the smaller topics that I post about, such as Donna Powell and Calum Davenport find some attention through the search engines.

In my time writing this site I’ve certainly developed as a writer and as a result I seem to have built up a wee reputation around certain online football communities and as such I’ve been honoured to write guest blogs for the following different sites at various times:

In my capacity as Sports Writer for Salient in the latter part of this year I finished second in the Aotearoa Student Press Association Awards in the category of ‘Best Sports Writer’ (despite having written only three articles at that point, all football themed!) and in terms of this site, I’m currently ranked as the 17th most influential Premier League blog on the World Wide Web by TwoFootedTackle’s very clever blog index.

All in all then, it’s fair to say it’s been a pretty good year for me on this site. As time has gone on things have gotten better and better and I’ve really enjoyed writing my articles and hearing comments back from all of my readers. I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read anything I write on this blog, it makes it all worthwhile and please do keep giving me feedback along with your comments as I’m always striving to improve the site and my writing.

So finally, a very big thank you to all of my readers over the past year. Extra thanks to those who’ve asked me to write on their sites, and to my brother who often acts as my editor by pointing out spelling/grammar mistakes that the WordPress checker so diligently ignores. Here’s to another 12 months of footballing fun and discussion, I hope you’ll stick with me!

Thanks again,




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