WDKF Wednesday: What a difference a year makes…

WDKF Wednesday Topper

It’s Wednesday again and so I’ve written my weekly piece over at We Don’t Know Football. This week I’m reflecting on what has been quite a remarkable year for Tottenham Hotspur. At this point last season they were rock bottom of the Premier League but this time around they’ve had a flying start and recovered from two defeats to United and Chelsea to score ten goals in two games. It’s been quite a turnaround, so make sure you click through to find out how it has come about.

Also, while I’m at it, apologies for the lack of proper posts over the past few days. I’m having something of a crisis of inspiration and motivation at present – there doesn’t seem to be a great deal going on in the world of football at present and I haven’t had the energy or imagination to dig something up to write about. Hopefully I’ll rectify that from now on though, and things will start to pick up in terms of interesting stuff to write about!

For now though, click through to read my WDKF Wednesday article…


One Response to WDKF Wednesday: What a difference a year makes…

  1. Dear Adam,
    To say there isn’t much going on in international football assumes a lot.
    Rangers hammered to massive defeat on the back of a declined penalty appeal at the hands of one the least experienced referees EUFA have used.
    Arshavin conitues to shine, though the goal he scored was clearly offside.
    Liverpool humbled and hustled out of a match they never thought they’d need to get involved in.

    Spurs’ turn around is down to two men.
    Levy, who set the scene with a disaterous choice of Juande Ramos in the first and ‘Arry, who was always the only man for the job!

    Brian Robson is starting as the Thailand coach/manager, taking over from the man who deputised for him in the England team all those years ago.
    Surely ‘wing nut Reid’ is a favourite of yours!?!

    Melt down at Hull?

    What’s happening at Ipswich?

    Will the FA do anything about Mascherano’s reverse fore arm smash on Beckford against Leeds in last week’s Carling Cup? Perhaps the carpet is a bit thicker at Wembley than it was in Soho Square and things don’t go under it quite so easily?


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