Salient Article: Different Worlds, Different Sports

Salient Article Topper
I’ve developed an undoubtedly unhealthy habit of sleeping very little over the weekends these days, largely due to the large amount of live football (and sometimes cricket) that is screened during the nocturnal hours over here. Subsequently, given that Monday is also my busiest day of university, I usually neither have the time nor energy to write anything of any value on these most irksome of days, and today is no exception.

Conveniently though, Monday is the day that Victoria University;s student magazine Salient is published and given that I usually have an article in there, I can at least provide you with a link to the article I wrote for them last week. This week’s column is a consideration of the varying sporting preferences of England and New Zealand and a look at why that is and what it means. It’s a bit of a strange article if I do say so myself…

…but why not click on through and have a read anyway?


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