‘Respect the Fans’ Campaign

Not all Evertonians were as lucky as this lot...

Not all Evertonians were as lucky as this lot...

Back in April when the ticket allocations for the 2009 FA Cup Final between Everton and Chelsea were announced, I wrote a post about the idiocy of the FA. This was because they gave Everton and Chelsea each 25,000 tickets to the game while giving the remaining 40,000 to members of the FA’s Football Family. This, frankly, was ridiculous and unfair because it meant that some of the hardcore season ticket holders of both clubs would miss out on seeing their club in the biggest domestic cup final in world sport.

And it’s not a new thing either. For years the FA has been giving far too many tickets to its pals and forcing fans of the clubs who are actually involved in the matches at Wembley to buy tickets at extortionate prices through ticket touts, which is where many of those 40,000 tickets will have ended up. As I mentioned, I wrote about this back in April and you can find the article here, but I’ve just come across the ‘Respect the Fans‘ campaign which is well worth your attention and your support.

The campaign is essentially petitioning the FA for a more sensible and reasonable allocation of tickets for the Wembley finals from now on. It’s blatantly obvious that something is wrong when a club’s loyal followers can’t support them in a Cup or Playoff final, and so they’ve set up a range of online petitions and campaign tools to try and force the FA into reconsidering their allocations. I think it’s a great campaign for a worthy cause, so do head over and get behind it in any way you can.

Click through and check out the campaign…
…and have another read of my old article on this topic.


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