Salient Article: Something Big Is Coming…

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Ok, it is Monday and I am back as promised. However, after playing two tough games of football and winning the Strait Cup for the Karori Magpies as well as sleeping very little and altogether having a great weekend, I am pretty exhausted. It is also my flat mate’s 21st birthday today which requires celebration and so as a result, a proper post is pretty much out of the question until tomorrow, when hopefully I will have recovered a little more.

For now though, you may content yourselves with my latest Salient article, which looks at New Zealand’s upcoming World Cup Qualifier with Bahrain and it’s significance in the wider context of NZ Sport. Also to blow my own trumpet a little, I came second in the award for Best Sports Writer at the Aotearoa Student Press Associsation Awards on Saturday night for my work for Salient this year. Given that that work consisted of just three articles about football (as opposed to all sports) I take that as a huge compliment and am very proud!

Click through to read my (almost award-winning) Salient article…


3 Responses to Salient Article: Something Big Is Coming…

  1. Matilda says:

    Congratulations on the award! I play rugby obsessively but football is my one true sporting love. I’m from America, so I totally understand what it’s like to be in a country obsessed with a (clearly inferior) sport. I understand the hope that people will finally come to their sense and recognize the sheer beauty and brilliance which is football. So for your sake I hope New Zealand beats the pants off Bahrain!
    (If that comment sounds a little melodramatic keep in mind that this is during my break from my physics homework and I’m not really thinking straight, I really do mean the bit about congratulations on the award though!)

  2. A. Howard says:

    Thanks Matilda 🙂

    I remember doing Physics homework back in the day so we’ll certianly forgive you there!

    I don’t think NZ will ever fully embrace football, but a bit more equality would go a long way. Roll on November!

    PS. It’s all a bit quite over at your place lately… any plans for a comeback?

  3. Matilda says:

    I actually have started blogging for the Offside and school’s just started back up for me and I’ve have rugby games every weekend since August so I’ve been really busy. Eventually when things settle down I’d love to keep up with the other blog (I’m thinking about maybe doing an article on the Eduardo ban, and FA/UEFA/FIFA bans in general, maybe on the new homegrown rule), but right now I’m focusing on the Bolton blog. I’ll be posting something later today, I’d love it if you had a look! (Though I can understand if Bolton news doesn’t exactly rivet you 🙂 )

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