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Just a quick post this one to keep everyone in the loop with regards to the site and what I’ve been upto – as I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post I’ve added some new subscription buttons to a widget in the sidebar. Up until now I’ve had links to my RSS Feed and Twitter jammed in randomly, but I figured that they deserved their own box and so came up with some nice wee buttons to make them more noticable and accessible for you, my loyal readers.

I also have had a couple of requests for some sort of newsletter, which I don’t actually have time to do but I figure the next best thing is to offer email subscriptions, which I’ve thusly setup via Feedburner and which you can also sign up for by clicking the appropriate button in the sidebar box. Thanks to those of you who requested/suggested updates to the site; I’m always keen to hear feedback and if I have the technical knowhow to introduce something then I’ll always take readers’ suggestions on board.

So please keep reading, commenting, giving feedback and most of all, enjoying the site.


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