My Best to Calum Davenport

All the best to Calum and his family.

All the best to Calum and his family.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Calum Davenport and his mother were viciously attacked and stabbed by two complete and utter scumbags in their hometown of Bedford on Saturday afternoon. Reports indicate that Davenport has undergone surgery on both legs and that the injuries inflicted on him could be career threatening. My thoughts are with Calum, his mother and his family and I hope he can make a full recovery and that the bastards who did this are caught and fucking punished.

There will be no other post today as I’ve zipped across the Cook Strait from Wellington to Nelson ready for a couple of weeks home cooking and I’m frankly knackered. More so though, it’s hard to think about football after what has happened to Davenport – it puts things into perspective. This sort of thing happens far, far too often in this world and of course Davenport’s case will receive more attention, but something needs to be done to stop this sort of thing from happening.

Once again, all my thougts and best wishes go to Calum Davenport and his family.


One Response to My Best to Calum Davenport

  1. Thiago Felipe says:

    Force We´re with you Calum!!!
    sure you will return to the field and give some happiness to many West Ham fans ^^


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