WDKF Wednesday: The Professor Proves Us Wrong?

WDKF Wednesday Topper

It’s Wednesday again (they do seem to come round very quickly) which means that I’ve posted my weekly article over at We Don’t Know Football. This week I’ve taken a look at the goings on at the Emirates Stadium where Arsenal were almost completely written off before the season but are now being heralded as the country’s form team and genuine title challengers.

By having a wee look at their new tactical set up and analysing the mentality of the squad I’ve tried to get past all the media hype and determine whether Arsenal are the real deal or not. I even went to the great lengths of creating an animated .gif image for the post, but it seems that something went wrong so if the words get boring (never!) you can sit and watch a tactical diagram move. I fear I’ve built it up too much already.

Please do click on through and have a read though…


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