Join the Ttiao… Fantasy Football League

Fantasy Football 09/10

Who will you select?

With the big kick off of the Premier League season just over a week away, it’s really about time to start finalising your Premier League Fantasy Football picks for the first round of fixtures. If you haven’t got a team yet I highly recommend signing up to play on the Premier League’s site, it’s a very good version of the game. Once you’ve signed up and picked your players, make sure you join the ‘Ttiao… League’ by entering the following code: 42440-190744.

Hopefully we can get a good bit of competition going and you can prove that you know far more about the beautiful game than me by giving me a thorough beating – my Fantasy Football track record isn’t spectacular, my players are always haunted by injury. Coming up this week I’m planning on putting together a post recommending some picks for your Fantasy team (so be sure to steer clear of them) and I’ll see if I can rustle up a prize for the eventual winner of the ‘Ttiao… League’ – no promises though (I’m not Man City).

Click through to choose your team and join the ‘Ttiao… League’…


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