Ttiao… Season Build Up: Features Preview

09-10 Season Features
As I said yesterday, I’m starting to get very excited about the kick off of the 09/10 football season, and with that in mind I’ve been putting some thought into my regular features that I’ll be running throughout the season. I pride myself here at They Think It’s All Over… on writing daily articles, which for a one man band is a decent achievement I think! Obviously I’ve been falling short during pre-season but when the footy gets underway again, I fully expect to be back posting daily.

Of course, it can be pretty difficult to keep up the creative opinion pieces and so once again this season I plan to run some regular features which will appear regularly on the site and follow a standard sort of format. While my main focus is to provide thorough and engaging discussion based articles I think that all of these other features of the site really add a little bit to the site and hopefully will encourage regular contributions from my regular readers.

Obviously as the season goes on I may add new features that I dream up to the roster, but at present I’m pretty happy with the ones I’ve got lined up. I am, of course, always really keen to get feedback from readers though, and so if you have any suggestions for regular posts or features (or indeed suggestions for any discussion topic at all) please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Below though, you will find the features that I have planned so far for the 09/10 season and a brief description of each, as well as the newly designed ‘topper’ that will identify them.

Premiership Predictions Topper
Premiership Predictions: What is it?
An old favourite, my Premier League predictions will of course be returning to your screens when the best league in the world kicks off in just under two weeks time. I find that it’s a great way to gear up to a weekend’s fixtures and familiarise yourself with each team and how they evolve over a season. As the byline on the ‘topper’ suggests I don’t have any magic formula, and usually go with whatever scoreline pops into my head first (which is why Everton will almost never be forecast a loss!) but I think over the course of last season I probably got as many right as I did wrong so hopefully you will enjoy reading my predictions and get a little bit out of them.
When will I see it?
I write my predictions every Saturday (NZ time) so that when English readers wake up on a Saturday morning with a juicy weekend of football ahead of them they are ready and waiting.

Premiership Conclusions Topper
Premiership Conclusions: What is it?
After a weekend of Premier League action there’s often a lot of little stories and observations that I’d like to make but that aren’t really expansive enough to devote a full article to. If that’s the case I’ll usually bring out a ‘Premiership Conclusions’ post to summarise some of the most interesting happenings over a round of fixtures, and so in many ways it serves as a follow up to the ‘Predictions’ post. It’s not guaranteed a weekly slot like its brother, but it should pop up fairly regularly.
When will I see it?
If I’m going to write some Conclusions they’ll probably rear their head on a Monday, once most of the Premier League fixtures have been concluded.

Everton Match Report Topper
Everton Match Report: What is it?
When I’m able to watch Everton’s matches live I will usually take the opportunity to write up a fairly detailed report or response to the match on the Everton FC page. Having grown up as a season ticket holder at Goodison I am now forced to rely on patchy Sky coverage of my beloved club’s games and so all too often have to rely on match reports and discussions to get a good idea of how the game went. That’s never too difficult with the world wide web at my fingertips but all the same it’s much appreciated and so when I can offer the service I like to provide an honest and detailed discussion of the Toffees’ latest fixture.
When will I see it?
A match report will usually be posted the day after I’ve been able to watch an Everton fixture either through live or delayed coverage on Sky Sport. I’ll post it on the Everton FC page but will post a link with the above ‘topper’ on the home page to announce the update.

Wellington Phoenix Match Report Topper
Wellington Phoenix Match Report: What is it?
Pretty much the same as the Everton Match Report, I will sometimes write a report or response to the latest fixture involving Wellington Phoenix, my local club who I support in the A-League. I will see all their home matches live and all their away games are televised here so I will see all the matches in full but won’t promise a match report for every game. The reason for that is that writing reports can get pretty tiresome if you do it pretty frequently. However, if I don’t write a traditional report I will often indulge in a discussion of some particular aspect of the game or of the state of the Phoenix which will be posted on the Phoenix FC page and announced by the above ‘topper’ on the home page.
When will I see it?
Depending on kick off time here in NZ I will usually write the report in the evening after a game or the following day if the game is a later kick off. As above, it will be posted on the Phoenix FC page but announced on the blog’s home page.

Merchandise Review Topper
Merchandise Review: What is it?
I’m hoping to try and set up a fairly frequent roster of Reviews on the site where I will honestly assess all manner of football products. So far I’ve looked at football shirts but I’d like to expand that into all sorts of merchandise, from boots and gear, to books and DVDs, even websites and services. When I add a review to the Reviews page I will post an announcement on the home page and a link through from the above ‘topper’. If you sell or manufacture any sort of football product and would like me to write a review, please get in touch.
When will I see it?
Every now and then. I’m hoping to pick up more reviews as things go on but my financial situation means I can’t just buy products for reviewing purposes. However, hopefully there’ll be a few reviews throughout the season, so keep an eye out for them!

WDKF Wednesday Topper
We Don’t Know Football Wednesday: What is it?
I’ve long been an admirer or ‘WDKF’, it’s a great football themed blog whose contributors are very knowledgeable on the game and also possess a really good sense of humour. To my great honour they recently asked me to join their team, a request I was pleased to accept, and so I will be writing weekly articles for them. They will pretty much be like my regular articles and I’ll make sure I link to them from my site so you won’t miss them. It’s also well worth having a look at the other articles there from time to time, there are some good writers over there.
When will I see it?
Every Wednesday (surprise surprise).

Salient Article Topper
Salient: What is it?
In recent times I’ve become something of a contributor to Salient, which is the student magazine of Victoria University where I’m currently studying. I’ve contributed a few articles already and with the A-League season soon underway in Vic’s backyard I will probably be contributing every now and then throughout the season. These articles will doubtless be shorter and more accessible than my regular stuff, given that the magazine isn’t read exclusively by football fans, but I’ll provide links to them when they’re published online so regular readers will be able to read them if they so desire.
When will I see it?
Salient goes out every Monday while the University’s main trimesters are active (i.e. until November) so if I’ve contributed I’ll post a link on a Monday afternoon.

Guest Blog Topper
Guest Blog: What is it?
Since starting this site my writing has brought me quite a lot of opportunities to write for numerous other sites all over the net, which is a real honour. Last season I contributed to Soccer Fan Base, Beautiful Game and MVN and I may well restart some contributions on those fronts every now and then in addition to my regular spot at WDKF and occasional Salient pieces. If I do so I’ll always post a link here under this Guest Blog ‘topper’ so that you can read whatever I may post. Also, anyone who runs a football site and would like a contribution from me, I’m always open to offers, so feel free to get in touch.
When will I see it?
Probably sporadically at best. I’m pretty busy so my commitments to other sites are tricky to manage, but this may pop up every now and then.


So there we have it, you can look out for these regular features appearing on the site throughout the season. They will provide a little bit of variety from my regular discussion style articles and hopefully will prove popular with my readers and spark some regular discussion. As I said earlier, please do feel free to make suggestions as to other regular features that you’d like to see, as I’m always more than happy to take feedback on board!

Tomorrow should see the resumption of normal service in terms of actual football related posts, as I’m planning on continuing the build up to the 09/10 season. I hope you’ll join me then and for the rest of the season.


One Response to Ttiao… Season Build Up: Features Preview

  1. tom says:

    well if your running out of things to write then league 2 is where it is happening. the big question being, will crewe win the fair play trophy for the fiftith time in a row?

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