They Think It’s All Over… has a new kit!

'New Look' Topper
With the kick off to the new Premier League and A-League seasons approaching fast, both within two weeks in fact, things are starting to get pretty exciting. Much of the footballing summer has been devoted to following the unveiling of new players and new kits and so when the new season gets under way everything will have a slightly new look to it… and They Think It’s All Over… is no exception!

Today begins my build up to the new season and I’ve got a few things lined up to that end, but today’s post sees the unveiling of the new and improved graphics that I’ve created to add a fresh look to the site ready for the new season. The page ‘headers’ and post ‘toppers’ are important functional elements to my site but I wanted to give them a tweak to make them cleaner and crisper, so I’ve created v2.0 of the site’s graphics, codenamed ‘Glass’.

A Short History of ‘They Think It’s All Over…’ Graphics
When I first got the site underway I was concentrating more on the writing side of things and thus the really early posts are just boring old text. However, everyone loves a bit of eye candy so I started throwing in pictures with each post and it generally made the site a much nicer place to be. What’s more, as I established myself a bit and started certain regular features I knocked up some post ‘toppers’ to add a bit of structure to the site. In design version 1.0 these, and the page ‘headers’, were little more than blue rectangles with some text and a logo…

Premiership Predictions Post Topper v1.0

Premiership Predictions Post Topper v1.0

… but they did the trick. Eventually though, after I’d started adding more regular features to the roster I decided that they needed a little sprucing up and so to enhance the football theme I upgraded the site graphics to version 1.1 which was codenamed ‘Grass’:

Premiership Predictions Post Topper v1.1 (Grass)

Premiership Predictions Post Topper v1.1 (Grass)

These graphics have served me well since I brought them in, adding a bit more texture to the designs and obviously the grass theme ties into the sport itself, which is nice. However, I was never 100% happy with the designs, the grass  texture almost clutters up the ‘topper’ and takes away some of the clarity so I resolved to go for a cleaner, crisper look with my next design upgrade. That upgrade has now been completed in time for the 09/10 football season and so I’m pleased to introduce:

‘They Think It’s All Over…’ Graphics Version 2.0
As I mentioned, I wanted to go for a cleaner, crisper design with these graphics but to maintain the traditional functionality that ties in with the overall colour scheme and design of the site. To that end I identified the ‘web 2.0’ style as the design route that I would take, as it’s a style that has developed quickly as online design has progressed and looks incredibly professional while being slick, clean and functional.

The previous graphics were a bit square and cluttered for my liking so I resolved to round off the corners and remove the grass effect background. However, I didn’t want to return to the plain design of v1.0 so I decided to add a glassy effect to the graphics to give it a sense of depth and light. I’m really happy with the way that the designs have turned out, and hopefully they will add a sense of freshness to the visual environment of the site, though of course, the old blogger’s mantra that ‘content is King’ remains true!

Below are a couple of examples of the new graphics:

Premiership Predictions Post Topper v2.0

Premiership Predictions Post Topper v2.0

This is an example of what I call a post ‘topper’. A variant on this theme will head each of my regular features, such as ‘Premiership Predictions’ (every Saturday morning in a season) and ‘WDKF Wednesday’ or ‘Match Reports’ (a full list of planned regular features is coming soon as part of the season build up).

Everton FC Page Header v2.0

Everton FC Page Header v2.0

This is an example of one of the new range of page ‘headers’ that I’ve introduced. The old page headers were essentially the same as post ‘toppers’ so I wanted to differentiate them a bit, because obviously the pages on the site provide a more exclusive theme than the general blog posts, and I wanted that to be instantly recognisable. Thus I added the white border and doubled the height of the ‘headers’ and provided a little information on each to inform readers about the function of the page.

The other ‘toppers’ that I’ve designed will be brought into use as they are needed though I am planning on doing a season preview post detailing my plans for regular features throughout the season where they will all make an appearance, so keep an eye out for that. The other ‘headers’ will be installed on their respective pages once I publish this post so feel free to have a look around and check them out!

I hope that you enjoy the new visual aesthetic that these new graphics will bring to the site. I’m happy with them and had a lot of fun designing them, but of course I would really value any feedback from my readers. So please do share any comments about what you like or don’t like regarding the new designs and I will keep those suggestions in mind with any further design developments!

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One Response to They Think It’s All Over… has a new kit!

  1. wllmhll says:

    ive always like the “net” effect on your banner and toppers, but the v2.0 does look well, clean. im so jealous im finally going open up and install the cs4 now.

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