Blatant Plug: 1970 & All That

Worth a read.

Worth a read.

Hi everyone. Mike Berry got in touch with me over the weekend to let me know that he has recently written a book about the legendary Everton team of 1970 that won the First Division title at a canter, with the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Alan Ball, Colin Harvey and Howard Kendall running their midfield. However, Everton failed to capitalise on this success and weren’t to win any more silverware until Kendall returned as manager with FA Cup success in 1984.

1970 & All That: An Evertonian’s Story is a detailed look at what made that side so good, but also an investigation into why it didn’t achieve the sustained success that seemed it’s destiny. Looking at the 1970 season from the point of view of fans and players alike should prove an interesting read for every Evertonian and any football fan, and could be just the poolside read you’ve been looking for on your Summer holidays.

Mike asked me if any NZ Evertonians would be interested so I thought I’d give it a plug here, so if any one is interested… 

You can get yourself a copy of the book direct from the author for £6.50 plus postage and packaging (≈£3). You can drop him a line at:

36 St Richards Road,
Otley, West Yorkshire,
England, LS21 2AZ,
United Kingdom.

Alternatively if you’d like more information or to get in touch with the author directly, please just drop me a line through my Contact page and I can give you his e-mail address (I don’t want to post it here or it’ll get spammed).


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