Visual Review: Everton Home Shirt 09/10 (LCS)

Everton and Le Coq Sportif together again, is it a good omen for Everton?

Everton's new home shirt, made by Le Coq Sportif.

Today I bring you my second review, after I last reviewed England’s new shirt a month or two ago. This time I bring you a visual review of Everton’s newly launched home kit for the ’09/’10 season, made by le Coq Sportif. It is just a visual review, in that it analyses only the aesthetic design of the shirt and not the fit and quality of the production, seeing as the shirt isn’t actually for sale yet. If you are a shirt retailer though, and would like a full review, get in touch and upon release we could work something out.

I must say I was initially a little horrfied upon seeing some leaked pictures of the design, but it has steadily grown on me and I think that this could end up being a very popular and succesful shirt design for Everton. Indeed, Everton and Le Coq Sportif are clearly hoping to bring back the success that they experienced together in the eighties, and the shirt is very much paying homage to the classic ‘hafnia’ design of that era.

For plenty of pictures and the full visual review, click on through…



One Response to Visual Review: Everton Home Shirt 09/10 (LCS)

  1. […] Everton. I don’t think I’ve ever own a Le Coq Sportif product in my whole life but I really like the new design of Everton’s home kit, apparently its a throw-back to the old kit Everton wore during the ’80s. The talented Adam Howard of They Think It’s All Over did a great review on the kit – click. […]

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