FA Cup Final: Picture Special

Time for a game of 'Spot the Chelsea Fan' (Click to enlarge)

Time for a game of 'Spot the Chelsea Fan' (Click to enlarge)

While Chelsea may have been victorious on the pitch in the 2009 FA Cup Final, I think it was clear who won the vocal battle between the two sets of fans. The Blue half of merseyside hit London in force and throughout the game kept up an epic noise level, even after going a goal down they were still admirably roaring their team forward, and it is a shame that such superb support could not have been rewarded with a victory.

When Everton overcame United in the semi-final it was suggested that they created the best atmosphere that the new Wembley has yet seen and probably surpassed that yesterday, to the point where Setanta’s post match interview with Frank Lampard was almost drowned out by the defiant Evertonians. My correspondants at the game said before the match that it was a sea of Evertonains and that the Chelsea fans were hard to spot, and in that sense I think this photo sums it up. I can only find one Chelsea fan in there, let me know if you find more!

So here’s to Evertonains, the fans who deserved to win the cup, and the best fans in the world.

Ps. For my full match reaction, see the previous post.



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