Guest Blog: Tabloid Dramatisation

Evening all. It’s 11.35pm and I’m pretty exhausted. For some reason though, I didn’t fancy going to bed and so I’ve just written a guest blog over at Soccer Fan Base, inspired by a couple of absolutely nonsensical rumours I’ve picked up over the last day or so.

I will concede that it turned into a little bit of a rant, but I think I make some valid points along the way, and so if you’re fed up of the constant over reaction of the media with regard to any little fraction of a story, have a read and you might find something you can agree with. Of course, I run the obvious risk of over-reacting myself, though if someone tried to turn the tables on me and suggest that I was “over reacting media”, I’d probably just be flattered to be called “media”.

It’s certainly not my best post ever, but it is my third of the day (inc. one that one be published until Monday, in Salient), so consider it a bonus. You know what they say, it’s all about quantity, not quality…

Click through to have a read.


3 Responses to Guest Blog: Tabloid Dramatisation

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