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Hi all, I’ve recently joined, in a casual capacity, the team who put together Salient, which is the student magazine affiliated with Victoria University of Wellington where I currently study. I got in touch with them to suggest, with the A-League season slowly lumbering towards us, and with it, the return to life of Wellington’s own Phoenix FC, that it might be prudent to include some articles on football to incite some support amongst the student population.

They were very keen, though naturally there is still little going on in the world of the Phoenix (apart from masses of transfer speculation, but the Yellow Fever Forums have that covered) so instead I’m doing some general football articles for the time being. Thus last Wednesday I wrote a Premier League Review for them and it has now been published on the webiste, so click the banner above to have a read.

It’s a little different from my usual writing, mainly in its reduced length (the news editor did express a wish to fill the entire mag with sports articles but feared he would be fired for such a  move) and in that it’s directed at the entire student population (or at least those bored enough in lectures to read it) so I will be trying to keep the football talk more accessible than I sometimes do on here, where I generally assume my readership to be more football-specific, if you know what I mean.

So yep, I’ll link to my articles from here in future as I am today, but of course those of you in the Wellington region are encouraged to pick up a copy from on Campus or around the town (it’s free!) and have a read. This week’s issue is entirely online though (I’m not sure why) so you’ll have to wait for next week’s Champions league Final review and evaluation of European football to see my name in actual, proper, real print. I’m excited.

Click here to have a read of my Premier League Review…



2 Responses to Salient Article: English Premier League Review

  1. It was a good story dude and we’re glad to have you on board!

    Keep writing stories like this and you’ll be up for an ASPA award in no time.

  2. I’ll have my Sportslient before the end of the year, by god.

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