All quiet on the western front…

Hi everyone.

The site has been pretty quiet for the past couple of days, apologies for that but there are a couple of decent reasons. First of all I spent the majority of the weekend writing a 3500 word philosophy of language essay on Frege’s theory of meaning including an analysis of the plausibility of the existence of abstract objects and platonism. It was as bad as it sounds.

Secondly, the international break. While there are arguably still plenty of games going on, the only one I feel really informed enough to write accurately about is England and apart from the rather hysterical analysis Capello’s (and Beckham’s subsequent) comments over Rooney’s temperament, there hasn’t been too much to cover, and having already written about Gerrard being the ideal front man to partner Rooney, a response to the injuries sustained in the Slovakia match seems unnecessary. When you factor in that I wasn’t able to view any of the international matches on NZ TV, it makes even match reports or comments on the fixtures impossible.

So, rather than writing boring and pointless articles that recover old ground, I decided to have a couple of days off. Plus, having written plenty about philosophy, I was quite happy to not write for a while. I did though, create a ‘twitter’ account for this site, which is probably pointless but will see me make the odd comment about something that I see in football news. Sometimes that may be elaborated on in an article or just left as a passing mention, but either way, there is a ‘Live Commentary’ widget in the sidebar that should keep you up to date with my ‘tweets’. If you want to ‘follow’ me on twitter, my user-name is TTIAOblog. Imaginative eh?

So hopefully I will find some inspiration soon, no doubt something contraversial will happen over the next few days, but either way, expect me back sooner rather than later (probably tomorrow).

All the best,
thanks for reading.


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