FA Cup Weekend: 4 Conclusions from Rounds 5 & 6

Everton show great spirit to overcome a resilient Middlesborough.

Everton show great spirit to overcome a resilient Middlesborough.

1. Emmanuel Who?
For me, Emmanuel Adebayor has been chronically overrated for some time now, especially given the way he has performed, or not performed, this season. Add to that his transfer theatrics in the Summer and he’s probably not  endeared himself to the Arsenal faithful too much of late. Still, no matter, because in Eduardo and Carlos Vela they have a top notch strike partnership in the making. Eduardo’s commitment to Arsenal is plain by the way he fought back from his horrific injury and the fans love him, while Vela is young and hungry to prove himself. Add into the equation that they both know how to find the back of the net, as they showed emphatically against Burnley and you have to say, Arsenal would be better to get rid of their troublesome Togolese international come the Summer.

2. United were as good as Fulham were poor.
Yes, the superlatives are rolling off the tongues of football pundits the world over after United brushed, or rather, blasted Fulham aside in their FA Cup Quarter Final, but if you watch the goals, you have to say that it was as much through Fulham’s poor defending as through United’s excellent football that they were defeated so easily. The first goal saw Tevez pop up unmarked at the back post, and squeeze the ball in at the near post, leaving the defending and goalkeeping in question – a ‘keeper shouldn’t be beaten at his near post. For the second they simply allowed Tevez acres of space and eons of time and it was no wonder he was able to tee up such a pearler of a shot. The third and fourth were a combination of giving the ball away far too easily and then backing off Rooney and Park Ji Sung. They were almost begging them to curl the ball into the far corner, and were obliged in style. So yes, United deserve plaudits, but Fulham made it rather too easy for them in the end.

3. Talk about team-spirit…
Everton came back from a goal behind against lowly Middlesbrough to seal a semi-final berth with a commendable second half display. Arguably the side hit worst by injuries this season, Everton’s already small squad has shown incredible commitment and togetherness to keep their good form going. I must admit that at half time when we were 0-1 down and had shown little to trouble ‘Boro I thought we might finally have run out of steam, but alas, the boys in Blue came out and roared to victory yet again. An incredible feat for our small band of merry men, and I genuinely think we can upset United in the semi-final. It’s David vs. Goliath, big vs. small in a very literal sense – United’s squad has incredible depth whereas ours is stretched almost to breaking point. But we won’t gift them any goals like Fulham did and don’t bet against Louis Saha popping up to sabotage his old club’s chase for the quintuple.

4. Didier “despicable” Drogba.
I know that Drogba is a very good player, and that since he has started scoring again, Chelsea have started winning again, and so Chelsea fans may not feel as strongly about this as I do. But where on earth was Didier Drogba while Phil Scolari was manager of Chelsea. Sure, he had some injuries, but I think it was clear to anyone who watched his body language while the Brazilian was in charge that he just could not be bothered playing for him. But now, because he got his way and Scolari got the bullet, Drogba suddenly returns to his bustling best and after banging in a few goals, can be seen at the end of most Chelsea matches kissing his badge and violently signalling to the Chelsea fans that he’s going nowhere. Well here’s a question. If he loves Chelsea so much, why wasn’t he playing his heart out for Chelsea while Big Phil was manager. Yes, they may have had their differences, but it seems to me that Drogba was so intent on his own personal vendetta against the management that he sacrificed the performance of the team to make his point. If I were one of those Chelsea fans to whom he was all but swearing his allegiance, I would be telling him where to go.

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