Premier League Weekend: Four Conclusions

Contrasting fortunes for the chasing three: Arsene despairs, Guus remains optimistic while Rafa is too busy shoouting at the Board to notice that he's just dropped out of the title race.

Contrasting fortunes for the chasing three: Arsene despairs, Guus remains optimistic while Rafa is too busy shouting at the Board to notice that he's just dropped out of the title race.

1. United are Champions.
Liverpool’s shock defeat to Middlesbrough has almost certainly handed the title to Manchester United. The red devils hold a seven point lead and a game in hand and will surely not drop ten points in their twelve remaining games. Fear not, I’m not claiming this conclusion to be purely my own, but I could hardly leave it out given that it’s pretty much the biggest news to come out of the weekend’s football. And well played ‘Boro too, looks like they might be able to mount a decent bid for survival…

2. West Brom are too good to go down...
… and yet they will. I’ve been hearing all season that WBA play great football but today I finally saw it for myself as the Baggies came out firing against Everton today. I must admit, when I sit down and watch Everton I’m usually quite nervous even if I think we should win – over the years I’ve seen us fuck up too often to ever be truly confident. Yet today I sat down thinking this one should be pretty easy – even with the injury problems. I soon became a touch worried though, because the Baggies were really sharp, played some great football, and looked threatening – until they came to finish. Honestly, if they had one good finisher in that team they would be comfortably mid-table. They are too good to go down, their football is great, unfortunately they simply lack one key ingredient and so prove that no one is ever too good to go down. It’s a shame though, we need more good footballing sides in this league.

3. Arsenal – WTF?!
When I sit down to write my posts for this site I have a little block of memo notes to jot down wee plans on, and usually for these ‘conclusion’ posts they consist just of the titles of each conclusion. A number of times this season though I’ve scrawled “Arsenal – WTF?!” on my little note only to come up with something a little less annoying and implicitly obscene to put to the post itself. But this is the final straw. A team with Arsenal’s array of footballers should be able to score goals! Everton haven’t had any strikers for a huge chunk of the season and they’ve been banging them in, relatively speaking.  But jesus, even at home against an oft travel-sick Fulham side they just didn’t have the invention to get through the defence. I would never have thought it of an Arsene Wenger team. Seriously, what the fuck is going on?!

4. Guus Hiddink: definitely an optimist.
You have to hand it to the fella’ “Goos” is certainly trying to make the best of quite a bad situation. Yes, Chelsea have won all three games since he arrived, and jolly well done too, but to suggest that they still have a hope in the title race is going a touch far even for me, and I am so often the annoying guy who says “anything can happen in football”. I genuinely don’t think Chelsea can hope to win the league. Yes, they might win all their remaining games, but they still need United to at least lose three and draw one (or draw ten) and then it’ll still come down to goal difference (at the moment the Reds are +4 on Chelski). I don’t see United losing three games. In fact, I can’t see United losing any games (they’ve already played Everton twice). So Guus, I’m rooting for you mate, truly I am, but don’t get too hopeful, ‘cos disappointment is one bitter pill to swallow.

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