Premier League Season Prediction: Take Two

Prem Predictions Topper
Back in November I posted my prediction of what I thought the Premier League table would look like come the end of the season and suggested that I may reconsider once the January transfer window had come and gone, and seeing as we’re almost through February now I rememb-uh… I thought it would be a good time to do it.

Unfortunately most of my prediction for the league table was a little bit off, and it seems that the only prediction I got spot on was that I would be way off. Goes to show you a) how things can change in the course of a few months or b) how little I actually know. Let’s go with a) because then I can justify letting myself have another go…

Before I give you my latest predictions, let’s take a look at my last lot, and the Premier League table as it currently stands, remembering that obviously teams in italics are Champions, green are Champions League qualifiers, blue is the Europa League qualifier, and the dreaded red are of course, relegated teams.

Ok, so here’s my last predicted table:
01. Manchester United
02. Chelsea
03. Liverpool
04. Arsenal

05. Everton
06. Aston Villa
07. Tottenham Hotspur
08. Manchester City
09. Middlesbrough
10. Portsmouth
11. Hull City
12. Fulham
13. Wigan Athletic
14. Blackburn Rovers
15. Newcastle United
16. Sunderland Athletic
17. West Ham United
18. Bolton Wanderers
19. Stoke City
20. West Bromwich Albion

And here’s the current Premier League table:
01. Manchester United
o2. Liverpool
03. Chelsea
04. Aston Villa

05. Arsenal
06. Everton
07. Wigan Athletic
08. Fulham
09. West Ham United
10. Manchester City
11. Sunderland Athletic
12. Bolton Wanderers
13. Hull City
14. Tottenham Hotspur
15. Newcastle United
16. Portsmouth
17. Stoke City
18. Blackburn Rovers
19. Middlesbrough
20. West Bromwich Albion

And at long last, here is my revised prediction:
01. Manchester United
o2. Chelsea
03. Liverpool
04. Aston Villa

05. Everton
06. Arsenal
07. Wigan Athletic
08. West Ham United
09. Fulham
10. Tottenham Hotspur
11. Bolton Wanderers
12. Newcastle United
13. Manchester City
14. Hull City
15. Sunderland Athletic
16. Blackburn Rovers
17. Middlesbrough
18. Stoke City
19. Portsmouth
20. West Bromwich Albion

How wrong will I be? Well for now, we can only speculate, but it is likely that I will be very wrong indeed. Time, as ever, will eventually tell, and I will hopefully remember to analyse just how poorly I did come the end of the season.
For now though, why don’t you let me know what you think?

Last time Luke commented and thought that Newcastle would climb higher than my predicted 15th, but in fact, that is where they currently lie. He did correctly predict Hull’s drop in position though and stated his desire for Stoke to return directly to the Championship – will he get his wish?

Will Arsenal’s exploits in the Champions League cost them a European spot next time around as I think it might, and will Liverpool be able to compete with a Chelsea side revitalised under Guus Hiddink? Have Villa got what it takes to keep up the pace or will O’Neill’s risky european selection end up being a pointless move?

All is still to play for in this season’s league, and strangely enough, perhaps it is the eventual Champions that are looking the most predictable come the end of the season – but could United still blow their lead? Please do let me know what you think 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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