Announcement: New partnership!

Hello all!

beautiful-game-logoI am very pleased to announce tonight that a new football website based in New Zealand has been launched, and that I am one of the team of bloggers that will write for it. Beautiful Game is a website setup by some of the Yellow Fever boys and they asked me a while back if I would like to contribute Phoenix-themed blogs to the cause. I said I would be very keen indeed and after a lot of hard work (none of it by me) the site is up and running.

You can find my blogs by going to the Blogs > Adam Howard page, or clicking this link (it even has a picture and an introductory blurb!). As usual with my Guest Blogs I will write a link post from this site to it so you can find it easily, and I will probably not update this site other than that on that day. One article is about my limit per day I’m afraid. Until I find some more time at least.

So I would just like to say a big thanks to the guys at Beautiful Game for having me on board, I look forward to getting some blogs under my belt and I encourage you all to check the site out. They’re a friendly and witty lot, so it’ll be well worth your while.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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