Queensland Roar 3-2 Wellington Phoenix: Post-Match Analysis


Wellington Phoenix led twice but ultimately got no points from their trip to Queensland after a late free kick from Tom Oar snatched all three points for the home side at the death.

An early own goal from Devere gave the ‘Nix an unlikely lead and the Roar dominated before eventually equalising after a great Van Dijk free kick rebounded to McKay who tapped in. The ‘Nix found themselves ahead again straight after the restart, fine work from Bertos set up Hearfield to score a nice header, but they immediately conceded softly.

Queensland’s pressing paid off in injury time, as Durante picked up his second yellow to get his marching orders, and as they had after his first booking, the Roar made the most of the free kick, with Tom Oar lashing the free kick home.

A blow to Ricki Herbert’s sides’ playoff hopes but all is not lost. Check out my post-match analysis to find out where I think it went wrong for them and how they need to tighten up to challenge for those coveted top four positions.


2 Responses to Queensland Roar 3-2 Wellington Phoenix: Post-Match Analysis

  1. Zyan says:

    Last year, the Wellington Phoenix was last in the 8-team A-League. Yes, it was a rush job and the team could have but did not do that well. Then, during the PSC, Wellington Phoenix was in the final and all expected this team to do much better in season #2. Good form and results all due to good recruitment and training. Then, WP is knocking at the door for the final 4 playoffs and some defensive strategy came forth “when you defend well, you deny opposition to score goals”. RH used to be a defender and his playing mentality would have transferred to his coaching philosophy. With the reduction of less skilful NZ players and upsurge of better Australian players in WP, WP would play more like any other aussie teams in the A-League and this would explain why all the results this years were that much closer. Similarity and sameness in players abilities and style produce close results. Look at EPL ( don’t mention big money) where they have best plaeyers from Europe, Africa, Asia, North-Central-South America and Australasia, they have much more surprises instead of the sameness as in A-League. This latter would explani why the attendance is down across the board.. kick and chase and not much flair. Football spectatators do not want to watch rugby matches played with round balls.

  2. Adam says:

    Good points made, but I don’t think that the ‘sameness’ of the A-League is what is causing attendances to drop.

    The teams are all very evenly matched, it’s a very tight league, but if anything, this is a good thing.
    If there were only a couple of teams that were any good and the others were realistically unable to win anything, then attendances would drop at the less successful clubs.

    Your EPL comparison holds this season, but in the past the Prmier League has been lamented for being too predictable, the same clubs are always in with a shout of winning it.
    And to say that the A-League is just “kick and chase and not much flair” is a little harsh. Yes, the teams lack the abundance of talent found in European teams, but they still often play good passing football. Adelaide and Central Coast especially I find good to watch.

    You are right in saying that football fans don’t want to watch rugby with a round ball, but that is not what is happening. I think what it is is that over the first few seasons of the A-League, more non-football fans gave it a chance, they would go along to experience the atmosphere of football. As it goes on though, it becomes normal, and unless they have developed an attachment to the club or the game, they will drift away. I think the problem is, that in this part of the world, too many people just want to watch rugby, full stop.

    Either way, the fact that all but one team can still qualify for the play-offs means that this is a good and exciting league. No one is pretending that the standard is as high as other more prestigious leagues, but there is still plenty of excitement if you’re willing to give it a go.

    Thanks for your comment.

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