Premier League Round-Up

Well, it was quite an eventful weekend of premiership action, here’s what I make of some of it.

Everton: Back to winning ways.
Moyes welcomed Steven Pienaar back into the team, and though he hasn’t trained for a few weeks the boy looked very sharp, and catalysed our side back into action, getting an away winning goal at White Hart Lane of all places. Key to this too though, was the return to our 4-5-1 formation. I’ve said for a while that it suits our midfield players more, and sure enough, Arteta was hailed as being nearly back to his best once given some more movement around him. Whether enforced or not, the return to 4-5-1 was a good move on Moyes’ part, and it looks like we’ll be sticking with it as Victor Anichebe is our only fit striker (and he’s not even fully fit). I’d love to see Lukas Podolski in a blue shirt come January. Oh how I’d love that.

Arsenal: Back to winning ways!
Arsenal too managed to overcome a dreadful past week and pick up three enormous points against Chelsea. While it is the points that will keep them in the title race, the morale boost and sense of cameraderie that such a win will bring will be the real loot from the performance. On the back of Gallas’ idiotic comments their squad was on the verge of falling apart, but Van Persie’s two goals and an all round solid performance (bar the defensive mix up) will do wonders for their confidence and leaves them well in with a shout. If anything the burden of ‘club in crisis’ has shofted to Chelsea now, but I’m having none of that. Look how quickly Arsenal have turned things round, I’m sure it won’t be long until Chelsea are firing again.

Ronaldo: a keeper?
If anyone can think of any logicak reason why Christiano Ronaldo caught that ball, do let me know. It’s genuinely mind boggling. He was not challenged, he was unmarked and it was a pearler of a cross, coming towards one of the best headers of a ball in the league – he should have buried it. Equally mistifying is the amount of protest that the United players put up to the decision. It’s simple – deliberate hand ball is a yellow card offence, no matter where it takes place. The only exception to that is times like when Paulo Di Canio caught the ball in front of an empty net with Steve Simonsen (the Everton ‘keeper) on the ground injured. Say what you like about the supremely talented Ronaldo the downright eccentric Italian, I know which is the nicer guy.

Defence: A thing of the past?
Is it me or are Premier League defences sliding downhill pretty fast? I’ve witnessed it first hand with one of England’s best defenders last season, Joleon Lescott, having a nightmare of a time and costing Everton a lot of points so far this term. Couple this with catastrophic errors in the Man City vs. Hull game a few weeks ago, Titus Bramble’s ever expanding catalogue of uselessness, Blackburn’s defence going to sleep twice to allow Defoe and Sean Davis to give Pompey an unlikely win, and Arsenal’s shoddy defensive work to hand Chelsea an advantage in their game, and I think you’ll see what I mean. Added to this is the entire division’s failure to cope with the long throws of Rory Delap (aren’t they essentially corners?) and it seems to me that everyone is forgetting how to defend. Bucking the trend is Phil Jagielka though, who is in immense form, and long may it continue. It’s no wonder we’re seeing lots of goals and some funny results though.

Bolton coming good, or Sunderland going Bad?
Now I know Bolton have won four of their last five, but up until yesterday I wasn’t convinced that they had the firepower to actually make a real go of this season. Then they went and scored four away from home at SUnderland, who I rated quite highly at the beginning of the season. Now the one constant here is that I weighed up these teams quite poorly, accepted, but I maintain that Bolton aren;t actually as good as that result makes out. I think that Sunderland are simply experiencing an absolutely cataclysmic decline in form and Keano needs to a) sort out that beard and b) give his players a right good rocket up the arse, or they’ll be down and out by Christmas.

Mauroane Fellaini: get a haircut son!

I dont know about God, but Mauros hair needs some work.

I don't know about God, but Mauro's hair needs some work.

He hasn’t scored in a few weeks, because he needs to cut his hair. How can he expect to get clean contact on headers with a bouf like that? Honestly?!
Mind you, it could be worse, one only has to look at Djibrill Cisse, who makes Mauro look like an absoulte style icon. Still, if the results keep coming, I care not what our players look like.

All in all a weekend of football that has proved that this is one of the weirdest and most open Premier League campaigns in a long time. One more match to complete the fixtures tonight, I’m hoping that West Ham can do the business against Liverpool to keep the title race open. Amongst other motives of course 😀
Thanks for reading everyone, keep the feedback coming.


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