Premier League Season Prediction

Well, it’s 11.30pm and I have still to do my daily update, largely due to the fact that I have moved from Wellington to Nelson today (those unfamiliar with NZ geography, check a map, there are complications!) and so I have been pretty busy.
So in place of a real update, I have decided to make an audacious prediction!
(Real updates will resume tomorrow! Promise!)

I think we’ve come far enough into the season now to see the strengths and weaknesses of each side, and so I’m going to try and predict the final standings in this season’s Premier League. If I remember I might update after the January window as that can chop things up a bit, and then will hopefully see how badly I did when the season is all over!

Adam’s Premiership Final Standings Prediction:
01. Manchester United
02. Chelsea
03. Liverpool
04. Arsenal

05. Everton
06. Aston Villa
07. Tottenham Hotspur
08. Manchester City
09. Middlesbrough
10. Portsmouth
11. Hull City
12. Fulham
13. Wigan Athletic
14. Blackburn Rovers
15. Newcastle United
16. Sunderland Athletic
17. West Ham United
18. Bolton Wanderers
19. Stoke City
20. West Bromwich Albion

Obviously italics are Champions, green are Champions League qualifiers, blue is the Europa League qualifier, and the dreaded red are of course, relegated teams.
Let me know whether you agree or disagree with my prediction, and feel free to leave your own predicted standings in a comment!


3 Responses to Premier League Season Prediction

  1. DeludedDude says:

    It looks pretty good to me, though I might back Newcastle to climb a little higher and think that maybe Hull will fade a little. I hope Stoke do go down though!
    Will be interesting to see what goes on in January and to compare this to the actual final standings.. I look forward to it.

  2. Callum Connis says:

    i think that you could be wrong i suggest you look at the current table 2009/10 and see highest goals for and against thetop 4 nd bottem 3 and also team work and passing then look at wins per game and i garenty you that the tabe will be completly differand to what you first thought, however my prediced table will be:
    1st Arsenal 2nd Man UTD 3rd Chelsea 4th Liverpool and 5th tottenham or Manchester city the bottem 3 will be: 18th portsmouth 19th Hull 20th birmingham. my favourates to be promoted from championship is watford, newcastle and west brom from league 1 my prediction is 1st leeds 2nd charlton 3rd southampton
    my prediction for the top 4 teams of the world cup: champions, spain 2nd england unfortunalty 3rd germany 4th italy.

  3. Callum Connis says:

    by the way im not an arsenal fan i am a liverpool fan but i think arsenal must just grab the title and also do extremley well in the champions league. seeing as the bought hat aazing arshavin andgood defender vermaelen but there only weekness is expierience, they dont have enought experienced players which could cost te some goals aand games there players a to younge and have not been playing long enought to understand big football as other players from man utd and chelsea. so i an giving my luck to arsenal as my second favourits in england for big titles this year keep up the great work lads.

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