Why Wayne Rooney will not be forgiven…

As the game between Everton and Manchester United draws near, I have written this article as an attempt to communicate to the casual football fan why us Evertonians will not forgive Wayne Rooney, and why he will be booed throughout the game later on today.

It is simply my own personal view, but I believe the sentiments are shared by many, many Evertonians. If you are an Evertonian with a different view, or a neutral fan who disagrees with how I feel, by all means leave a comment on this post and let me know, I am interested to see how the issue is regarded by other fans.

I hope you will read it with the understanding that it is written from a highly biased Evertonian viewpoint and so will not be my best writing, but I hope you will find it interesting.
Find the article on the Everton FC page: here.


One Response to Why Wayne Rooney will not be forgiven…

  1. Great info here on football. I cant wait till the world cup. It will be huge.

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