They think it’s all over… Welcome!

They Think It’s All Over is a football blog written by Adam Howard. Its aim is to provide intelligent and reasoned discussion of all manner of topics in the football world. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated, as are any suggestions for topics to discus and suggestions for improvements to the site, so do get in touch!

A quick update on the site; the eagle-eyed amongst you will see that I now have a Reviews section. I had been thinking about it for a while and eventually recieved a request to write reviews which got me going. I’m always looking for football products to review, so if you make or sell football merchandise of any sort, please get in touch!

Finally, a big thanks to all who read this site. I work pretty hard to keep up regular contributions and it’s motivated purely by enjoyment of doing so, and the hope that others will take pleasure and interest in reading what I have to say. So I hope you enjoy the site, if you do, please leave a comment and spread the word, and most of all, come back again soon!

Thanks for reading.


4 Responses to They think it’s all over… Welcome!

  1. Hi Adam
    I’ve had a quick read and you have a nice blog going here. I like the banner too. Nice, straight forward and clean. A bit conservative for me but hey.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Riccardo says:

    hi…nice blog…compliments…
    visit mine and let me know if you want to make an exchange of links…
    best regards from italy

  3. wdkf says:

    yes nice blog, come and visit us too. lets exchange links?

  4. Its a Great Blog, well done, I’ll be back for regular updates.

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