Belarus 1 – 3 England: Six Conclusions

What can we take from the World Cup Qualifier, apart from the three points?

1) Wes Brown, for me, is just not international class. He never really looked comfortable on the ball and was too easily dragged out of position, especially for the Belarus goal.

2) There seemed to be a certain irony in the fact that though Heskey often looked one of the most comfortable players with the ball at his feet, his very presence simply inspired England to consistently resort to lumping it up to his head.

3) Belarus somewhat blew themselves out after a whirlwind first half performance played at an incredible tempo. And it’s a good job too, because England couldn’t handle it, with or without the ball.

4) Don’t be surprised to see Belarus at Euro 2012 or the 2014 World Cup, they put out a very young side that played some lovely football and with a bit more experience could well become a force to be reckoned with.

5) The Belarusian fans, despite the running track, kept up a bubbling atmosphere and really showed how to get behind their team – no matter what the score. And while the travelling England fans were a credit to the nation as always, the Wembley crowd could learn a lot from the Belarusians – you’re there to support, not to boo.

6) Steven Gerrard simply does not score unspectacular goals – but he should have done, had he taken that late chance with his left foot…


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