Pre-Match Warm Up

Well, time to get things under way.
I’d like to say that like a true professional I’ve had scouts out watching the opposition for weeks. I’d like to say that I’ve had the players watching videos. I’d like to say I’ve prepared a game plan, tactics honed for every possible occurence. I’d like to say that every man knows his job. I’d like to say I run a tight ship.

But I can’t say any of those things. It’s just me, and I’ve come into this unprepared, like a Sunday League player fresh from a night on the town and a 3am Kebab. So bear with me, I’m learning as I go, but I hope to turn this into an intelligent and witty blog where we can discuss the beautiful game.

There have been many before me, and many will follow, but I’d like to think I have something to contribute. So whether you know me or don’t, whether you stumbled across this page accidentally or are here searching for a replacement for (as I am), I hope I can entertain and inform, and I look forward to your discussion.

They think it’s all over… I’d say it’s only just begun.


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